To guarantee the Anthurium lush and long-lasting flowering, it is possible to rely on a truly excellent homemade solution.

Natural bomb flowering Anthurium

Taking care of your plants is undoubtedly the best way to ensure that they always bloom lushly and spectacularly . All those who decide to grow plants in the garden or inside their own home must know the best times for watering, the correct methods, the most suitable positioning and many other small tricks that favor the flowering of plants. Obviously each plant is different from the other, therefore we will act accordingly based on the one we have at home. Among the many decorative foliage plants that are often found in the home or garden there is certainly the Anthurium.

The best solution for Anthurium flowering: here’s how

Anthurium is often present in apartments because within the four walls it finds the ideal climate to grow and produce flowers of great beauty. However, sometimes additional intervention may be necessary to allow the Anthurium to release such an eye-catching bloom. To make Anthurium bloom for many years, you can rely on some quick and easy solutions , which really allow you to enjoy the wonderful buds of this plant for a long time.

Flowering Anthurium

Instead of relying on the chemical remedies on the market in the various specialized shops, the ideal is to focus on a homemade organic fertilizer which will guarantee great effectiveness and above all will allow you not to spend large sums.

The first ingredient we need is a carrot , a vegetable that is almost always present in the kitchen. Carrots, in fact, are especially beneficial for the intestine, given that they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. However, carrots are also exceptional for plant health, especially due to their high concentration of potassium .

All you need to do is choose a medium-sized carrot, neither too large nor too small. The vegetable should be placed in a blender, adding about a liter of water.

At this point, turn on the blender and leave it to act for about two minutes. After this time, pour the carrot juice into another container, filtering it with a special sieve. In this way the remaining pieces of carrot will not end up in the container, where instead only the liquid will flow down.

With carrot juice the Anthurium will flower without problems

Leftover residues should not be thrown away, as they can still be very useful. In fact, all the residue must be buried in the soil at the base of the Anthurium: the important thing is to bury it well, otherwise you risk attracting mosquitoes.


Water the plant with the filtered carrot juice, pouring the liquid at the base of the Anthurium . This homemade organic fertilizer is truly exceptional and within a short time anyone who decides to use it will realize its enormous beneficial properties.

Carrot juice should be poured at the base of this splendid plant once every 15 days to obtain the desired results. The Anthurium will begin to produce its wonderful flowers, giving color and enhancing the various corners of the house. The important thing is to follow each step with great attention and not to overdo it with this excellent remedy so as not to obtain the opposite effect.