A single spoonful of this ingredient and the flowering will be spectacular!

In the summer the flowers we grow in our gardens bloom lush and strong.

However, some plants carry out this process, due to various vicissitudes, more slowly.

To get around this problem we can use potassium nitrate as a fertilizer.

With potassium nitrate in a simple way we will be able to obtain a perfect flowering.



A single spoonful of this ingredient and the flowering will be spectacular!

What is potassium nitrate, and what is it used for?

Potassium nitrate is usually used for preserving foods and for making gunpowder. In addition to this, it is one of the most used fertilizers in the agricultural field.

This powder appears odorless and white and will be able to improve the development of the root system in a short time. By using it we will make our flowers grow healthily.

Very little product is needed to counteract the browning of the leaves, their twisting and even yellowing.

In this way the flowering of the plant will last longer and appear much brighter.

How should we use this special fertilizer and what should we do to make our flowers bloom?

To use our potassium salt on plants it must necessarily be dissolved in water.

First we simply need to pour a liter of water into a bottle. Then we need to add half a teaspoon of potassium nitrate to our bottle.

At this point, simply stir with the same spoon until the potassium nitrate is completely dissolved.

Once this procedure is completed we must pour the result directly onto the previously moistened soil.

Finally we just have to water correctly so without touching the leaves and flowers.

I recommend that you have to do this in the spring once every fortnight.

All that remains is to go to the pharmacy and recover this product.

Let’s get to work: the result will leave everyone speechless.

Good job everyone ew nature.

W the green thumb!