Leave a spoonful of sugar in the garden and you’ll see what happens. If you start doing it you will immediately notice something very beautiful, here is the reason why you should do it.

Sugar in the garden

The summer season is always very difficult not only for humans but also for animals . Temperatures are getting higher and higher and if last year we had one of the hottest summers ever this one will certainly be no different. According to meteorologists, there is no prospect of a cool summer.

Precisely for this reason you have to help animals and you have to do it in small ways without coming into too much contact with them . For example, by placing a bowl of water in a cool place you could help many animals who need it. Maybe you can put it not really close to home but it is very useful.


Then there is another way to help animals and it is not just by placing water. In fact you will have to put a spoonful of sugar in the garden and even if it seems strange to you it helps a lot . Below we will give you all the details about this method and tell you what is the reason why you need to do it.

That’s why you need to put a spoonful of sugar in the garden

As we said, it is essential to help animals especially in the summer season . Precisely for this reason we need to help them. It is useless to remember that we must not kill any animal or insect because some, above all, are very important for the survival of ecosystems.

The reason why you need to put a spoonful of sugar in your garden is very simple. It will be useful for bees that suffer a lot from high temperatures . This way you will help them survive but always remember to place it far from home and perhaps near a tree frequented by them.

a spoon of sugar

Also add a few drops of water to the spoonful of sugar so that it dissolves slightly . In this way the bees will have something to feed on on hot summer days when the heat is so much that it puts them in difficulty. But don’t worry because you shouldn’t risk the bees remaining in your garden afterwards.

You don’t have to be too afraid of bees either . They only attack if they feel annoyed or scared and usually act to protect their lives. But the chance of you getting stung by a bee is really low so don’t worry at all. However, bees are not the only ones you might find in the garden after putting in the spoonful of sugar.

bees and butterflies

In fact, you could also attract much more shy animals. They are the butterflies that, even if they are more used to high temperatures than to low ones, do not give up taking a little sugar from the spoon . In fact, this could save a butterfly in difficulty and make it fly again because it will regain its strength after a short while.

All you have to do is try and help especially these animals who are weaker . After all, you have the sugar at home and you don’t have to buy it specifically for them. So try putting a spoonful of it in your house this summer and see what happens.