Did you know that there is a substance capable of making the roots and flowers of orchids bloom? It works all year round, let’s find out what substance it is and how to use it!


There is a substance that is truly miraculous for making orchids bloom all year round and helps the roots to develop at their best. Let’s find out everything about Aloe Vera gel and how to use it to grow the roots of orchids and obtain splendid blooms with these beautiful plants!


Aloe Vera gel makes orchids bloom all year round

Beneficial and rich in nutrients, Aloe Vera gel is an excellent solution for having beautiful , perfectly hydrated and healthy orchids, and growing them anywhere, even in the apartment. Here’s how to get the gel:

  • Cut an Aloe Vera leaf using a sharp knife;
  • To remove the gel, cut a thin side strip starting from the top;
  • With the tool also cut the wide part of the peel;
  • Open it like a fan, inside there is sticky gel;

At this point you can use the Aloe Vera leaf to make your orchids grow at their best in different ways. Here are some of the most frequent methods of using the leaf with aloe vera gel.

Methods for using Aloe Vera gel on orchids

There are different methods for applying Aloe Vera gel on orchids, all effective, to choose according to your needs. A rather quick method to apply the gel to orchids and make them bloom lushly is to pass the open aloe leaf with the gel directly on the leaves of the plant.

In this way the orchid absorbs all the nutrients of the Aloe Vera gel and will be able to produce and develop more roots. The leaf must also be passed over the stem of the plant to give it the opportunity to absorb all the substances contained in the gel.

Another method to make the orchid absorb the beneficial substances of the Aloe Vera gel is to attach the open leaf to the plant with a piece of plastic or an elastic band. This way it will remain still, resting on the stem and leaves.

The aloe leaf should be left until the gel dries. A precaution to follow when tying the open leaf to the plant is to avoid tightening it too much, but tie it loosely, so as not to disturb the orchid. With these methods the plants will produce new roots and this will lead them to guarantee abundant and lush flower production.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera to grow roots and flowers from orchids

Aloe Vera gel , as well as being perfect for making orchid plants produce new roots, is also excellent for growing new branches on these magnificent plants . You can use this substance at the time of pruning, after cutting the branches and carrying out this operation:

  • Prune orchid plants;
  • Apply the gel on the branches by rubbing the Aloe Vera leaf;
  • Do this twice a week.

In this way the branches soften and the tips where you made the cut always remain moist. You will see that soon the plant will produce new branches and this will also mean new productions of orchid flowers. In fact, on one branch the plant will produce more flowers, creating a wonderful flowery corner at home, on the terrace or in the garden, wherever you prefer. To make the orchid produce roots and flowers, here is another method of using the gel:

  • Extract all the gel from the Aloe Vera leaf with a sharp knife;
  • Put it in a container with 1.5 liters of water;
  • Let it soak overnight;

The water is ready to be used as fertilizer for your orchids. Place 8 tablespoons per plant and do this once a month . Your orchids will produce roots and flowers galore and will look gorgeous!