If you want to make the orchid bloom all year round, 4 whole seasons, you must follow this advice. You only need one glass of this product to get results.

glass and the orchid

Orchids are very widespread plants . There are more than 25 thousand species in nature and they are of various colors. Thanks to climate adaptation it is possible to find them a lot in the home as an ornamental plant. In the past, however, it was considered a plant of the elite. Growing it is very simple and with a few little tricks you will always be able to make it flourish.

What must never be missing are the basic care that must be given to the orchid to always have it thriving . In fact, to always have it healthy you need to find the right place to place it in the house which must be in the light without the sun’s rays hitting it and away from radiators and windows which can create drafts.


Another very important factor that many do not do is the use of fertilizer This is important because it contributes to the healthy growth of the plant. Below we’ll show you how to make it bloom for 4 full seasons with just a glass of this fertilizer . Continue reading in the next paragraph to find out what to do.

Here’s how to make your orchid bloom for 4 seasons

As we were saying, fertilizer is especially important for all plants. In this case we will see one for the orchid which makes it stronger but above all helps it flower and not only in some months but throughout the year. You won’t have to buy anything because we will only use natural products .

To get started you need the peel of an apple. Those who don’t eat it at home and those who grow it also know well that the peel is very nutritious. Apple peel is excellent as a fertilizer as it contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and is also rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus . But let’s see what to do.

apple peel

After obtaining it, place the peel in a jar and add a small aloe vera leaf . Both the outside and the inside. Now pour 1 L of boiling water and cover with cling film and let it ferment naturally in a cool place for about 12 hours. Once the time has passed, take the jar back.

All you have to do is filter the mixture and extract only the liquid. However, you will not have to use this fertilizer only to water the plant. In fact you have to use it to stimulate dormant shoots . All orchids have them and they are usually covered in a film that you have to peel off.

orchid blooms for 4 seasons

Once the film has been removed, take some cotton pads and dip them in the solution. Then wrap the cotton pad around the bud and secure it with the help of pliers. You can also do this on shoots that have fallen. You will have to do this about once a week and if the disk dries out, simply spray some water. After a week they must be changed to stimulate growth.

The cotton pad can also be placed between the leaves to nourish them even more. As we said, this solution can be used to water the plant once a week. So every 7 days you will have to repeat the operation and after about 45 days you will get excellent results and have a  flowering orchid .