The beautiful Anthurium and the method for multiplying it quickly. As? Thanks to the flower branches as per expert advice.

multiply anthurium

beautiful plant that you would always like to keep alive, even when it is not possible. Anthurium is certainly one of the prized species that everyone wants in their homes and gardens, which is why nurserymen have decided to give suggestions on how to multiply it and have it infinitely. It’s a very delicate operation, but once you learn the process it will be child’s play. Let’s see together what the experts’ advice is for multiplying Anthurium infinitely.

Anthurium multiplication: advice and method

The reproduction of the Anthurium normally occurs with the pollination of the flowers, with the division of the various tufts or with the production of cuttings . Reproduction is a technique that can also be done at home, with a minimum of green thumb in order to achieve the desired goal.

The real secret is to learn from nurserymen and follow what they teach step by step, in order to have an infinite plant at your disposal.


To obtain this procedure it is necessary to cut the stem into several parts, because each section must be able to produce new jets from the nodes. All the small portions will not be able to grow vertically and this is the real secret .

Reproduction of Anthurium

The best time to carry out this operation is undoubtedly in spring/summer, when the growth of vegetation is active and the good weather helps to create new tufts quickly.

Experts recommend the above, although nothing prevents you from doing it at other times of the year too. It’s a question of speed, because during the cold season growth slowed down significantly.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Divide the lateral shoots with a sterilized cutter, taking care to leave all the roots attached
  • Remember not to carry out this operation on dry soil, but on damp soil – for this reason it is best to water the plant half an hour before
  • Immediately afterwards, pot the general/mother plant in a large pot with new soil
  • All the new plants are placed in small pots, taking care to use soil that is similar to the previous one for the adaptation phase
  • Water and drain excess water.
Multiply the anthurium

All these tufts must remain in semi-darkness for 10 days of their adaptation phase. Otherwise they could risk dehydration and die instantly.

This is the nurseryman’s secret to being able to have an infinite plant over time, and it is important to follow all the advice carefully. The most important and delicate phase is that of adaptation with 10 days of shade and hydration : it is better to carry out the activities when the temperatures are not low, also for reasons of convenience for the newly born seedlings.