The most widespread aromatic herb on the balconies of every family is certainly basil .

Basil gives each dish an always delicate and fresh aroma and flavour.

In fact, seeing it grow luxuriantly means that each recipe will have an extra touch and scent.


What’s the best way to grow basil?

To be able to grow our basil seedlings for a long time and in the best way is to first of all check the watering .

Without good watering the leaves could turn yellow, blacken and therefore rot.

For this reason, below, it is possible to read how to take care of our basil leaves without having to be a green thumb expert.

It will be very simple!

We must begin our work by placing the pot, containing the seedling, in an airy or dimly lit place .

When the basil seedling is sick what should you do?

If we notice yellow leaves, the best thing to do is to remove them gently.

Obviously we can also make use of mulching which is the technique of laying straw directly on the ground in order to make the soil moist.

Later if we notice that the plant continues to feel bad we can only prune it in another pot.

At this point we just have to find out how to water the basil.

How should you best water the seedling?

When it is very hot the plant needs to be watered twice a day . To understand if it needs water, just touch the surrounding earth if placed in the garden or touch the earth in the pot. If the earth is damp we can wait, but if it is dry we will have to water it.

I recommend it is important not to use too much water because, even in that case, we could damage the seedling.

However, if we are away from home we can water the plant by filling bottles with water and pouring them into the ground. By using commercially available irrigation systems, we will be able to program the days and times in which to water the basil.

Let’s get to work!

PS It should be remembered that in the summer the scent of this plant keeps mosquitoes away!