With this simple method we won’t have to wait months before seeing the cherry plant emerge: here’s the secret.

Cherries and seedling

The month of May is when the beautiful days return and the temperature begins to rise, so much so that some people already begin to take a bath in the sea during the hottest hours. In this period we return to trips and picnics and it is also possible to savor some wonderful products of nature. Among these there are undoubtedly cherries , the delicious fruits of the cherry tree which, in addition to having a very pleasant flavour, also contain many beneficial elements for the body. Let’s think for example of potassium and phosphorus , but also of vitamin A and vitamin C.

How to grow a cherry plant immediately: the quick and easy method

For all these reasons, many people want a cherry plant in their garden . However, starting a cherry plant is not easy if you are a beginner and don’t know the best techniques.

Cherry plant

This is why it is good to know how to make the plant grow within a few days without having to resort to a large expense. The best technique is to rely on the stone that is inside the cherry.

The first thing to do is therefore to get some cherries, possibly very ripe so as to increase the chances of finding suitable seeds inside them and ready to generate new seedlings.

How to recognize if a cherry is very ripe? Just look carefully at its color, which must be a beautiful intense red. Some types of cherries have this color even if they are not very ripe, but generally you shouldn’t go wrong with cherries characterized by this color.

To recover the stone found inside the cherry, simply eat the fruit and leave the stone , or cut the cherry with a knife. After extracting the stone it will be necessary to clean it, since there should no longer be any residue of pulp. Clearly, the more hazelnuts we manage to obtain, the greater the number of seedlings we will obtain.

At this point the next step is to sow the core . However, before seeing a seedling appear, we may have to wait even a few months. The goal is to speed things up.

It can be done with a very simple method, that is by creating a small crack or by depriving the embryo of the core of all the hard part that is around it. To break the nut and create a crack, just use a nutcracker.

After 40 days the plant will begin to grow

If only the embryo is used, within a month or at most forty days the seedling will begin to appear. The situation is different if you opt for the completely intact seed, since it could take even five or six months.

Once this choice has been made, you can proceed with sowing . Inside a pot filled with soil, make a small hole in the center with a teaspoon. The depth of the hole should be approximately one centimeter.


Once this step is completed, you take the kernel or the embryo and insert it into the hole , covering it and vaporizing everything with a little water. The soil must always be kept moist until the first shoot appears.

After about 40 days we will be able to see how a root has emerged from the ground which has also brought out the seed. After a couple of days the seedling will already be about two centimeters tall.

About a week after germination of the seed, the first leaves begin to appear . By the fifteenth day of life, the plant is about ten centimeters tall and has begun to develop foliage. As the months pass we will notice further growth of the plant , even if in the first year the development will mainly take place in the root system.

When the plant reaches a height of about one and a half meters and the diameter of the central trunk reaches 2 centimeters it will be possible to graft it , in such a way as to favor the production of large and tasty fruits.