It only takes one seed to get a beautiful cherry tree in just 20 days: no one knows the trick of the hazel.

cherry makeup

Having a way to multiply plants directly from the core is fascinating. Nursery experts teach how to do it with the trick of the broken core to give life to the cherry tree, in just 20 days and with simple steps. Obviously, a lot of attention and a pinch of green thumb is required, using video tutorials or advice from the trusted nurseryman. How to get this beautiful plant? Let’s find out together.

Cherry tree from the core: how it is obtained

It is precisely during the summer that the Earth gives the best fruits, ready to be tasted. A riot of colors and scents that embrace sunny days. From the core of these fruits can be born seedlings, following only a few small tips. The cherry tree is not only beautiful but also easy to obtain. The core comes to the rescue when you want to enrich a home cultivation, starting from this basic ingredient without any pesticide or pesticide.

Organic enters homes and merges with the desire to communicate something, even through nature itself. For this reason, experienced gardeners and nurserymen explain how to make and why to store plant kernels.

The necessary for the operation is a cherry pit, fertile soil and water to water the earth.

Cherry tree

There is no problem retrieving a nice cherry pit, considering that most people eat plenty of it. You don’t just need a core, but at least a dozen, so you can do all the necessary tests to give birth to the tree.

They wash thoroughly and then dry to counteract mold. The season for sowing these hazels is autumn or winter, so that the seedling can be born in spring. With the split hazel method, you can get the seedling in just 20 days and you can operate in spring.

Advice and procedure

The core of the cherries can be planted in a small glass with universal soil, watering every day. At the bottom of the glass make holes, so that the water can drain.

When the sprout comes out of the seed it is time to transplant it into a jar.

Planting hazel

Changing the pot is crucial as the seedlings grow. This is the only easy operation to do. In case you do not see the plant sprout immediately, you will have to be patient because sometimes it will take longer than expected.

The broken core is an optimal solution to achieve the result immediately, within a month or so. It is important to carry out the operation in spring and try with more stones so as to see the seedling sprout and continue until the garden is a riot of cherry blossoms.