Unfortunately, the summer season brings with it several particularly annoying insects, among which there are mosquitoes. Especially in the evening, sometimes there are so many that no one can enjoy an evening outdoors without being stung. There are many products on the market suitable for the skin that keep them away and just as many chemical products that remove or neutralize them. But today we offer you a natural remedy to keep them away from your homes.


DIY mosquito repellent in minutes and for only 25 cents

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a bottle like a Coca-Cola bottle . Cut it more or less in the center, where at a certain point the bottle tightens. In any case, you can also use other plastic bottles, as long as they have a narrow exit hole.

Then put in the base of the bottle 300 ml of hot water that does not exceed 40° otherwise the yeast dies. First, however, put 4 tablespoons of sugar and stir until they have dissolved. The two elements should not be placed at the same time to prevent the release of carbon dioxide which attracts them to us.

For this reason, this mixture is proposed which releases it and attracts the mosquitoes by trapping them. Let’s get back to the preparation.

Once the sugar has dissolved, let the water cool slightly and when it drops below 40°, add a cube of yeast or 25 grams of powdered yeast and mix everything.

Then take the top of the bottle and insert it upside down into the other part of the bottle with the mixture. Place it indoors or outdoors (in this case fix the two parts of the bottle together with a little scotch). The mixture should be changed every three or four days. The cost to make this mosquito repellent is about 25/30 cents.

Rest assured that this is a great DIY solution to get rid of mosquitoes!