Do you know that it is enough to do a very simple thing to have wonderful and lush orchids? Here’s what to do to keep these plants beautiful and make them grow in an extraordinary way!

Lush orchids

You probably don’t know this, but there’s something you can do to have lush orchids and long blooms. As soon as you do, everyone will want to know what you use to have gorgeous plants and abundant blooms. Let’s find out what you need to do to make orchids bloom for a long time!

The orchid elegant and refined plant

Elegant, refined and able to make its flowers last on the branches even for six months, the orchid is a plant that, if cultivated with care and watered when needed, gives a lot of satisfaction and lasts a very long time.


A secret to making this plant last a long time is to use the right fertilizer, which must provide it with all the nutrients necessary to make it grow healthy.

Using a special fertilizer such as wheat flour can feed orchids and make them bloom for a long time, as you have never seen before.

The fertilizer made from this ingredient is also perfect for resuming dead orchids, with withered leaves, already given for dead. Let’s find out below how to prepare fertilizer with wheat flour.

Fertilizer with wheat flour

Preparing fertilizer with wheat flour is simple and also economical. This product is cheap and can be found without any difficulty. Here’s what you need and how to prepare the right fertilizer for your orchids:

  • 1 tablespoon of wheat flour;
  • 1 liter of boiled water.

Put the tablespoon of flour in a glass jar and add boiled water inside. Stir with a spoon and wait for it to cool. Close the jar with the cap and wait a while, then open and stir the solution again. Once the mixture has cooled, strain it through a strainer and transfer it to a plastic jug.

In the filtered liquid add a lot of water to obtain 3 liters of solution. At this point the fertilizer is ready to be used. Here are some ways to use this product that will be effective to grow your lush orchids and keep them flowering for a long time.

How to use fertilizer for orchids

Once you make fertilizer from wheat flour, you can use it in multiple ways to get a beautiful and long flowering of orchids. Here’s how:

With cotton pad

Use a cotton pad, the kind you use to remove make-up, to apply wheat flour fertilizer to orchids. Immerse the disk in the liquid obtained, squeeze lightly and clean the leaves, both at the top and at the bottom, acting carefully and gently.

In this way you will remove insects and fungi that can attack plants and cause dangerous diseases to orchids. In addition, with these applications you will provide plants with the nutrients they need to grow and develop, while increasing their flowering.

Repeat the application after two weeks and you will see that the leaves of the orchids will remain green and shiny.

How to care for orchids

With a spray bottle

Another way to use fertilizer prepared with wheat flour is to transfer part of the solution into a spray bottle and spray it evenly over and below the leaves.

Take care to get the fertilizer in all points, to ensure the whole plant the nutrients it needs to grow luxuriantly. The effect of this method is the same as that obtained with the cotton disk, but it is more practical to perform.

Watering the base of plants

The third way of using the fertilizer obtained is to irrigate the base of orchids. With a small carafe pour the liquid over the soil around the base of the plants and it’s done. To better absorb the liquid, immerse the pot in a container with fertilizer and leave for 1 hour. Repeat the treatment every two weeks. Your orchids will bloom like crazy!