Can lemons be left attached to the plant? Not everyone knows what really happens: the experts explain everything.

Lemon tree

Lemons represent the perfect citrus fruit , the one with an intense yellow color that offers a combination of properties and benefits of the highest level. An active concentrate of vitamins and mineral salts, with a sour taste that somehow identifies the Italian tradition in the world. Excellent for the well-being of the body, for cleaning the house or for being the protagonist of many culinary preparations. A question always arises spontaneously: can lemons be left attached to the plant or not ?

Lemons attached to the plant, what happens?

The yellow citrus fruit is a symbol of well-being , with a typical scent that identifies Italy in all its splendour. Lemon is rich and versatile, with a quantity of vitamins that should not be underestimated. Their beauty is recognized even when they are just simply on the tree. But what do the experts say about it? Is it right to keep lemons attached to the plant or not?

The plants can be in the garden or on the terrace , for this reason many people ask themselves this question for the good of the citrus fruit and the plant itself. The expert nurserymen wanted to give a definitive answer.

Lemons ripen after a very long time which can reach up to nine months. In all this time, the citrus fruit absorbs water and all the nutrients necessary to become good – juicy and tasty. Not only that, their yellow color increases with the help of the sun’s rays. The plant preserves the fruits until they are harvested, without hindering the new flowering and subsequent production.

lemons attached to the plant

Obviously, when they are ripe they must be harvested to avoid the degradation process. At that point they will fall from the plant or will no longer be edible. What does it mean? The peel becomes thick and the pulp completely dehydrated. It is an inevitable process because the plant itself will need that water for its sustenance.

When are lemons harvested?

Whoever has a lemon tree will have to take care of it throughout the year. It is a plant that needs water and care, so as to be able to reap its fruits during the indicated period. As a rule, the levels of maturation can be different in the year. The first harvest takes place in the months of April and May. It is usually abundant and good. There are some that still have a bumpy, rough skin .

lemon picking

You can opt for a second harvest in July , considering a smooth and round skin and then arriving at the last harvest in the month of August or September. In this part of the year the fruits are small and even seedless.

In any case, it is important to follow the rules that mother nature imposes, for the well-being of citrus fruits and the plant itself.