This element is ideal as an organic fertilizer for plants: its properties are truly exceptional.

Pepper and plant

Many people love to enrich the interior of their home with flowers and plants , which give liveliness and color to all the rooms of the house. However, if you want to ensure that the plants are always strong and luxuriant, it is necessary to know the ‘secrets’ regarding their care and maintenance: therefore it is good to understand which are the best places to put them, as well as the most suitable products . suitable , the correct watering methods and so on. Another detail to take into consideration when you have plants at home and in the garden is that of organic fertilizers. 

Strong and luxuriant plants: here is the perfect solution

Organic fertilizers are products that represent an exceptional form of nourishment for the soil intended for growing plants. But which are the most suitable ones? Organic fertilizer specialists know well how to advise those who are new to cultivation and need some advice to truly become green thumbs. Not everyone knows, in fact, that some foods that we usually consume on our table are perfect as organic fertilizers for plants.

Watering plants

Among these there is the pepper , even if it should not be used in its entirety: the part that interests us is the lower one , precisely the one that is usually thrown away when preparing to clean the vegetable. It is absolutely not necessary to eliminate this part of the pepper, which instead can be extremely useful as an organic fertilizer given its properties.

This part, in fact, is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium : all nutrients that allow our plants to grow strong and luxuriant. But what should we do to ensure maximum nutrition through the lower part of the pepper? First we will have to put this portion in the blender, adding a liter of water and blending everything for about a couple of minutes.

Bell pepper is ideal

Once the pepper juice has been obtained, it is introduced into another container by filtering it with a sieve , in order to separate the seeds from the liquid substance. After sieving we are ready to use the pepper juice. The good news is that this solution, which can be achieved in just a few minutes, can be applied without problems to all plants , which will make the most ofthis excellent organic fertilizer.

Bell pepper plants

Clearly, watering must be done with a certain delicacy so as not to damage the plants: the advice is to apply the solution with a special sprinkler. In a short time we will notice really satisfactory results: the plants will appear toned and strong. The choice to use the lower part of the pepper is the best possible, both in terms of results and economically: instead of choosing particularly expensive products  you can opt for these natural solutions. From today you will no longer throw the lower part of the pepper in the trash: your plants will thank you.