To ensure that our orchid produces lush flowers in just a few hours, just give it this ingredient. Here’s which one.

ingredient for orchid

Since ancient times, in our homes we have always had the habit of decorating rooms or gardens with the presence of flowers and plants and some of these are very important.

In fact, especially in the palaces of the most important kings in the world, there were some species of important tropical plants and flowers from exotic destinations that reached an inestimable value and were envied by all.

Orchid: here is the ingredient for having abundant flowers in a short time

It is no coincidence that the saying exists, ” the grass is always greener on the other side” , which means that when we see others we will always remember that they are luckier than us, but also because there are people who take better care of the plants . and flower respect what we do.

What if we were that much envied neighbor instead? It must be said that not everyone has a green thumb and this is why there are many plants on the market that do not require certain care.

Orchid: here is the useful ingredient for having lush flowers

Some of these are succulent plants , which are also useful for defeating the problem of humidity in our environments as they tend to retain bad air and release good air.

This is possible thanks to chlorophyll photosynthesis and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that our evergreen friends are able to do and we must therefore always take care of them.

Furthermore, they are useful for the ecosystem, especially when there are flowers as they help pollinating insects to suck the nectar necessary for their work to safeguard the planet.

The nurserymen’s secret

In our homes, there are many plants, but according to an estimate, among the best-selling are orchids which have always been seen as elegant plants and their flowers fascinate everyone.

You can find many types and colors but not everyone knows that there is an effective method to ensure that the flowers bloom quickly and abundantly without the risk of them withering quickly.

To do this, we just need to feed our orchid with an ingredient that we will never have imagined and which is found on the tables of all Italians even though it is a product that is not typical of our Peninsula, but which we have made our own.

Orchid: here is the useful ingredient for having lush flowers

It’s about the banana. Drying its peel in the oven at 200 degrees or on a radiator, we wait for it to harden and we will chop it in a blender and after obtaining a powder we will combine it with a little water.

Then we will drain it in a strainer and we will have a liquid that will work as a fertilizer for our orchids and once we have nourished our plants with this mixture we will see what happens.

In a very short time, our orchids will have beautiful flowers and this is possible due to the potassium and other elements inside the banana and especially its peel.