Geraniums full of flowers in a short time? You have to water them this way! Only this technique will allow you to always have lush plants. Try it immediately.


If you are looking for a super green and quick solution to see your geraniums full of flowers , here you will find an answer. Here is the watering technique that guarantees lush flowering.

Geraniums, how to take care of them naturally

Beautiful plants, with lively and colorful flowers, geraniums full of flowers are a spectacle for the eye and for lovers of the green thumb. They flower in summer, are resistant to high temperatures and hold up well not only in gardens but also on the terrace or balcony .

Geraniums full of flowers

They can also survive inside apartments as long as they are placed in bright environments and away from direct sources of heating . There are many species. Among the most famous and sold ones are the common geranium, the ivy geranium and the Pelagonium and the regal geranium.

The latter is also a favorite among novices as it can easily be treated at home . To take care of geraniums you need to pay attention to some tips . For example, pay attention to light and temperature .

To grow strong and healthy, geraniums need a lot of light – not necessarily direct – the sun’s rays could even burn the flowers and block the flowering process , so be careful.

Therefore, place your plants in an area of ​​partial shade so that the sun arrives but not in an overpowering manner. If you don’t have a terrace or garden, you can place your geranium near a lighted window .

In fact, excessive shade, like too much light, can block the flowering process . As far as temperatures are concerned, geraniums resist up to 30 degrees but they don’t like the cold: in winter, in fact, you have to protect them with the so-called anti-freeze net or bubble wrap.

If you are looking for a super green solution to have flowering geraniums in every season , here you will find what you need. Here is the  watering technique  to ensure that your plants are always lush.

The watering technique to make your plants flourish

Geraniums are among the plants that require the least care They manage to survive at very high temperatures, even up to 30° , while they do not handle the cold well: at minus 10° C they begin to wither.


If there is an extraordinary spectacle that geraniums are able to offer, this is certainly that of flowering . Yet, as with most plants, ensuring this process is not an absolutely simple thing.

Often, the cause of failure to flower is watering . Do you know this watering technique  ? We are sure that if you try it, your geraniums will start blooming immediately.

Many are trying to water plants this way . What you have to do? First of all you need to know that geraniums need a lot of water to survive and flower , i.e. their soil must always remain moist.

In case of particularly high temperatures, you will need to water your plant at least two or three times a day . Generally, experts recommend early morning, mid-afternoon and after sunset.

In the winter , however, you need to water them occasionally : however, you must always check the soil. It must never be dry . Also pay attention to the water you use.

For example, the one rich in calcium is not suitable for the flowering of geraniums . How to overcome this problem? The answer is very simple: you need to leave the water in the watering can at least overnight with some mud at the bottom.

This deposit formed by plant remains regulates the pH of the water which will become optimal for the plant. Be careful of water stagnations ! These can cause the roots to rot and block flowering.

Then do not water the leaves because fungi or mold could develop on them . If you follow these tips, you will see that your geraniums will bloom in no time and the show you will witness will leave you speechless.

Obviously, as we said earlier, you have to pay attention to various rules . Not only water is important but also light. Geraniums need to be placed in bright environments but not too much.

Experts recommend planting or placing them towards the South or South-East . Also pay attention to the pot you plant them in. The ideal size is 20cm in diameter and 20cm deep : these are the perfect measurements to ensure that the roots of your plant can grow freely.

If your geranium is very large, you will have to consider purchasing larger pots , for example 40 cm in diameter. Also follow this tip: at the bottom of the pot, place some gravel which will prevent the wind from toppling the plant.

The roots of geraniums generally adapt to all types of soil but this plant grows well especially in clayey soils . To ensure flowering, you should repot them in late winter or early spring after cleaning the roots of old soil.

Geraniums full of flowers