Did you know that the cherry tree can be grown at home at no cost starting from the fruit waste? In summer, cherries are nature’s true sweets, which adults and children alike love. But growing a tree is a whole different story. Except that many are unaware that it can be grown starting from the seed in the fruit, let’s see how to do it.


Do you want to grow cherry trees at home but think it’s completely impossible? Here is the solution you were looking for, the quick and easy tutorial to get started until it is possible to insert it.
To begin with, let’s take some well-ripe cherries, reaching the typical dark red color. If this is not the case, we risk getting cherries with a stone that has not yet formed. Now let’s take our hazelnut and leave it in the air (about 5/7) and let it dry for a whole night (also exposed to the sun if desired).

Now then we will have to go, with a pair of pliers, to break the core together with a small hammer. In doing so we will remove the external shield to take the internal core that will be used for rooting. When we have taken the almonds, prepare a plastic tray with a lid and also take a sheet of absorbent paper from which we will take two equal large portions.

We place one of the two on the bottom and moisten it with a spray nebulizer filled with water. Now place the stones inside and then cover them again with another sheet of absorbent paper and moisten it again with more water. Now let’s place the tray in the fridge. After about 10 days the first shoots will be born. Let’s go and discover them delicately and we will discover that the sprouts will have started to come out.

Now let’s take a pot with some soil inside and put some soft draining soil in it (a mix of universal soil and perlite). We make a small dimple in the center about 1cm deep and then place the seed inside. We place the new root towards the bottom of the jar. Then we cover it again with a little soil and place it in the shade.

It will take time, it’s true, but with calm and patience, sooner or later we too will be able to see our cherry tree take root at home. It will grow strong and lush and we will have obtained it completely at no cost!