With the arrival of spring, we work hard to ensure that our vegetable patch and garden have enough water. Let’s see how to make a DIY drip sprinkler.

Drip sprinkler

You cannot have lush plants without the right irrigation which could be possible thanks to a drip sprinkler.

Drip irrigator: what is it for?

With the arrival of spring, those who have a green thumb, but also those who don’t, are moved by the desire to take care of their plants and prepare them for the arrival of the warm sunny days. One of the primary needs of the plants that make up the vegetable garden and garden is certainly water.

Often, it is not possible to water your plants every day, which is why we use alternative and automated methods such as the drip irrigator. The latter is an irrigation system that distributes water directly to the roots of plants through a system of pipes and drippers.

The operation of a drip sprinkler is simple and uses a system of flexible tubes placed near the roots of the plants, which release water gradually and constantly. The water flow can be adjusted according to the needs of the plants and the climatic conditions.

The drip sprinkler uses little water more efficiently for each plant. The resource, in fact, is supplied directly to the roots, reducing waste caused by evaporation and surface runoff of water. In addition, the drip irrigation can reduce the risk of plant diseases, since the water is supplied directly to the roots, avoiding wetting the leaves and flowers. Furthermore, excessive use of water could cause stagnation which favors pathologies in plants.


How to make it yourself

What we will need are two 500ml plastic bottles . If you have a larger plant you can also use one liter bottles, two liter bottles and so on. Using a pair of scissors, make an incision about 4 fingers below the neck of the bottle and cut off just one of the bottles.

You will place the other one upside down in the previously cut bottle. This bottle, filled with water, will act as a reservoir. Make a mark at the base of the cut bottle with a marker. At that point, you will make a hole with the tip of the scissors. At this point, insert a flexible tube into the hole .

Introduce some galvanized wire into the tube , at the end of which you will place a screw. This will allow the tube to be a little more rigid.


Put the water in the uncut bottle, place it upside down in the cut bottle where you will have inserted the tube and wait a few seconds: it will start dripping. This drip sprinkler will allow you to water for around 120 hours non-stop and will have cost you just over ten cents to make.