By using a certain powder on the soil, the vegetable yield will be 10 times better than normal. Here’s what you need to sprinkle on your crop.

powder for soil

During the week, we often find ourselves having to eat vegetables also due to the Mediterranean diet which is highly developed in Europe and especially in Italy, where it has almost become its symbol.

In the traditional dishes of our regions, there is no dish that does not have at least one vegetable in one of the ingredients, and therefore we tend to buy the best ones to ensure that our dishes are succulent.

Soil: here is the powder that makes the vegetable harvest 10 times more profitable

Italian cuisine is famous for its particularity and meticulousness for genuine ingredients and is envied by the whole world, not surprisingly, it is said that the best chefs are Italian ones.

From all over the world, they come to learn culinary techniques that may seem banal to us, but which are actually very important for eating well and eating genuinely.

Soil: the powder that makes vegetables 10 times better

In recent times, however, due to some problems linked to the war between Russia and Ukraine and therefore the inability to quickly find raw materials and due to a poor harvest due to drought, prices have increased.

Thus, we found ourselves having to purchase ingredients at increased prices and many of us had to make do with lower priced products whose quality was not the best but in any case, they were still edible vegetables.

What experienced growers use

Vegetables , very often, like fruit, are subject to bad weather and parasites which could deteriorate them and therefore make them completely unsuitable for food consumption and therefore must be discarded.

Many plants, in fact, are subject to some diseases, and growers must always be careful, especially when the first fruits begin to appear, as if one is damaged or full of mold, it could infect the others.

In this way, the farmer must always check the state of his plants and the fruit that grows and a way has often been sought to ensure that the harvest is more profitable and resistant.

The most experts know that there is a way to ensure that the yield of vegetables is 10 times greater than normal and that thanks to the contribution given by a special powder, diseases and deterioration are avoided.

Soil: the powder that makes vegetables 10 times better

In fact, many growers sprinkle lime on the soil This is because by doing so you give calcium to the plants and this element is very useful as it is one of the most important minerals ever.

Calcium is very important for the growth of crops and is often easily leached into soils due to the harvesting of fruits, vegetables and other products that can be grown for food consumption .

Therefore, it is useful to sprinkle lime on the soil before sowing and also during the growth of the plants so that all the vegetables that will be produced have the right amount of calcium and resist the bad weather that could arise.