With a cup of just one ingredient we will make our orchids bloom impeccably. Here’s what it is.

solution for the plant

In the food world there are some foods that, in addition to giving us nutrients and the right amount of amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts, also have different functions that we would never have expected.

For this reason, some of these products, as they are completely natural, are also useful for cosmetic purposes and can be found in products that are indicated for the physical well-being and of our skin.

Orchids: here is the secret ingredient for having lush flowers

This is because some foods, especially fruit and vegetables, contain properties that tend to help us prevent skin aging or make us relax, such as the use of cucumber.

But these foods are not only useful for humans but can be real allies for the growth of some plants , tending to give birth to lush and abundant flowers if they are used.

In our homes, in fact, we almost all have plants to decorate our rooms and our balconies but often we are unable to make them grow effectively and we throw in the towel.

Orchids: the secret to making them bloom well

Usually, those who don’t have a green thumb or don’t have much time for the maintenance of a plant tend to buy or get succulents as gifts since they require less time to take care of them.

These are very useful due to the fact that they retain moisture in plants and some of these are said to also attract and reduce radiation from electronic equipment.

Which is why, since the mid-2000s, very small succulent plants that most young people tend to have on their computers have also started to be sold in supermarkets.

How to proceed

But one of the most loved plants of all time are orchids which tend to have flowers that are loved by everyone, even if they can be found on the market in various species depending on your taste.

Considered one of the most elegant plants ever, orchids have waxy leaves and beautiful flowers and there is an ingredient that, if used, can make these flowers even more lush.

In fact, just take a savoy cabbage and after removing the superfluous leaves we cut it into two parts and insert one half into a mixer and chop everything into very small pieces.

Orchids: the secret to making them bloom well

Then we mix everything with water and with a strainer we take the juice and we will see how we will obtain a greenish colored liquid which will be rich in vitamins especially those of group B.

In this way, our orchids will feed on these substances and will tend to grow with strong shrubs and leaves and with increasingly bright and abundant flowers, giving rise to the envy of our neighbor.

To proceed, just pour a cup of the cabbage liquid directly into the soil and a little on the roots and leaves and after a few days you will begin to see the first effects.