If your goal is to get a rich harvest you can not follow this method. Use this ingredient on tomatoes and cucumbers.

Tomatoes in soil

Those who try their hand at cultivating their personal garden have, without a doubt, both a gift and a great fortune. The luck lies in the possibility of being able to draw directly from your garden to serve good and healthy dishes on the table. The gift, however, lies in the fact that, in order to do this, a certain type of approach to gardening is necessary that very few have. You need a thorough knowledge of botany, you need a lot of study and desire to get information to understand how to treat each individual plant or vegetable.

Yes, there is no universal rule for all plants. Each of them deserves specific and “personalized” care. In addition to the knowledge factor and the study factor, there is another even more important factor: passion. Without passion and love we could never try our hand at an activity that requires extreme patience.

A lot of patience, a lot of care and attention. Those who carry out this activity know it well: there are tricks that not everyone knows and that can greatly change the situation and the growth process of a vegetable or any fruit. Today we reveal how to get an abundantharvest of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Stop shopping at the supermarket: kilos of tomatoes and cucumbers in one rich harvest

Although we never expected it, in recent times there is an increasing number of people who try their hand at growing fruit and vegetables independently.

The main reason is the desire to put on the table and eat only food of a certain type. There are more and more doubts that arise in the population about the origin and quality of fresh products on the shelves. Many have decided to put an end to this dilemma and think independently about growing fruits, vegetables, vegetables and so on.

Rich harvest of tomatoes and cucumbers

A method that, for those in possession of the necessary outdoor space, can be very comfortable and healthy. In addition to this, the monthly economic expenses are greatly reduced.

Price increases have also and above all affected the fresh food department and shelves. If you also want to try your hand at this activity but are afraid of not making it or seeing poor harvests, read on. There is a product that makes the fruits of your labor proliferate.

Tomatoes and cucumbers: with this ingredient you will get a bountiful harvest

If you plan to grow tomatoes and cucumbers or if you are already doing so, you can not miss this trick. In the fruiting phase of tomatoes and cucumbers there is an ingredient that can be decisive: baking soda.

When growing these foods we have to deal with fungi, molds and parasites of all kinds. The attack by these bacteria greatly impairs the growth and proper development of the fruit, contributing to it rotting even before harvest.


If we sprinkle a handful of baking soda in the soil we reduce this risk to almost zero. Baking soda has incomparable disinfectant properties: it protects the fruit without damaging it.

It keeps all pests and bacteria away, and so manages to save tomatoes and cucumbers. The latter will be able to grow undisturbed and in the best possible shape and quality. With this ingredient your next harvest will be very rich and exquisite.