Immediate flowering if you give this to your plants: it is a natural nutrient rich in potassium and thiamine, which helps strengthen the immune system.

Immediate flowering

Floral plants are a complex of organs that allow them to reproduce and generate leaves and inflorescences. Flowering is a physiological process that allows the multiplication and reproduction of the plant species. The reproduction of the same floral plant occurs through the fertilization of certain organs, which will undergo a process of transformation into seeds and fruits capable of ensuring the survival and regeneration of the plant species.

Flowering and reproduction of floral plants occurs thanks to the combination of favorable conditions, including the use of certain nutrients, minerals, vitamin compounds capable of strengthening the immune system , temperature, lighting and humidity. The seasonality factor also affects flowering: most flowers prefer the spring season. There are nutrients that floral plants need to be able to reproduce: these are minerals and vitamins contained in natural phytonutrients, which strengthen the immune system and are fundamental for the flowering and regeneration of plant species. This is what flowers need to bloom luxuriantly.

Perfect flowering: here’s how to fortify your plants with flowers

To fortify floral plants it is necessary to resort to valid natural and do-it-yourself fertilizers, which can be used to restore vigor and health to vegetable crops. With continuous global changes, including climate change, it is necessary to adopt cultivation techniques and methods that respect the principles of food safety.

Thiamine (vitamin B1) is vital for plant health: this micronutrient is an important component for fortifying vegetable crops and making them resistant to attack by pathogens. Potassium is also one of the main components and a nutrient, which contributes to the lignification of the branches and stems and to the abundant flowering of the floral plant.

infused plants

Immediate flowering if you give this to your plants – this is a natural ingredient

To improve the flowering of plants and to strengthen the immune system it is good to use a natural fertilizer: potato infusion. To prepare this infusion it is necessary to use potato peel, which is rich in potassium, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins necessary for the healthy and vigorous growth of floral crops.

flowering plants

It is a natural ingredient 10 times more powerful than water : first you need to combine the potato peels with water and prepare the mixture that allows you to strengthen the structure of the vegetable crop. The infusion must be left to act for approximately 24 hours and, once this period of time has elapsed, it is necessary to filter the liquid and pour it into a spray bottle, which vaporizes the solution on the soil, leaves and flowers. The potato infusion must be vaporized at least once a week in order to guarantee the supply of all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the flowering of floral plants.