Flowering, how to get it in a flash? All you need is one cup of this ingredient to make the flowers explode in me never mind! Here’s the trick you definitely didn’t know. You’ll thank us for the tip.

Bloom with natural ingredient

The flowering of plants is one of the most beautiful things to see but as we know, it is not always easy to achieve. Do you know how you can have tons of flowers in a nanosecond? Only using this ingredient.

Blooming with natural ingredients

Today Italian homes are increasingly green . Buying or giving plants as a gift has always been a recurring and appreciated gesture to pay homage to someone we love. How many times have we given a plant for good luck or to wish luck and happiness to newlyweds or the owners of a new home?


These green jewels are always very welcome gifts but they must be taken care of carefully. In fact, it often happens that despite dedicating a lot of time and the right care to our plants, they are unable to survive or always appear dull and dim.

For example, has it ever happened to you that a plant didn’t produce flowers ? In this case, you missed an incredible spectacle, that of flowering . How is it possible, however, that these little green lungs sometimes have difficulty flowering? We’ll explain it to you.

If you have found yourself facing this problem, read on and you will find the solution. All you need is one cup of this ingredient for immediate flowering.

Secret ingredient to make flowers grow in a flash

Taking care of a plant is not a simple thing, we all know that. You too will surely have found yourself, at least once in your life, having to deal with the death of a plant or perhaps you will have stopped to think: why don’t you hunt the flowers? Where did I go wrong?


You should know that love and attention are not always enough for a plant to grow healthy and lush . It also needs a little “push” , especially if we talk about flowering.

Do you want to see many little flowers emerge on your plant in a flash ? Then you only need one ingredient and we guarantee you will be speechless at the result! Ready to find out?

The ingredient we are referring to, only lentils ! You read it right. These legumes that we consume daily and that you will certainly also have in your kitchen pantry, represent an excellent natural fertilizer , capable of guaranteeing immediate flowering of the plants in no time at all.

You will see that in a very short time, many little flowers will emerge from your green jewels . How is it possible that lentils are capable of this miracle? The answer is really very simple. These legumes are a natural source of boron, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen , all mineral salts that are good for both humans and plants.

In the latter case, they help, for example, the roots to become healthier and more robust and to grow flowers. Are you wondering what you need to do? If you have to insert a spoonful of lentils into the soil? Don’t rush, we’ll also explain this step to you.

To make your own natural fertilizer, you will need one cup of dried lentils and one liter of water. The process is intuitive and really very simple: you just have to pour the lentils into the water and let them rest for 4 hours.

After this period of time, you will see that the water will have turned yellow . Filter it with a strainer and start watering your plants : in the four hours of rest, the lentils will have released vitamins and mineral salts into the water which will allow your plant to grow and release flowers.

Done. You have created a natural fertilizer in no time. Be careful when using it: this practice must be repeated only once a month for at least 3 months. Did you know the magical properties of lentils to ensure the flowering of plants?

Now that you too are an expert, we’ll also reveal another technique: you can not only soak the lentils in water but you can also blend them . You will see that a small powder will be created. Once you have obtained this powder, you will place three teaspoons of it in the soil of your plant. The effect will be the same: a super fertilizer .