What to do with a violet leaf in the egg? No one knows what happens after a few seconds: try it immediately.

Violet leaf in the egg

Experienced nurserymen through their video tutorials always explain how to care, feed or recover a plant. If a violet leaf is put in the egg, something unique can be made. Often and willingly, plants do not receive the necessary nourishment and this leads them to excessive deterioration. Even those who have a green thumb, could make mistakes during construction: how to do it? Let’s be clear.

Violet, a romantic and delicate plant

The violet is a delicate and romantic plant, often chosen for its leaves and the delicate colors that represent it. In 1800 it was identified in Africa by Baron Von Saint Paul-Illaire and it was he who gave it this name. A plant that enlivens the atmosphere, gives color and a delicate scent. For those who want to have it in the garden or at home, it is better to ask for help from a nurseryman in the sector who can explain how to treat it and how to preserve it from insect attacks.

The colors of this plant are many, in fact they can be pink – blue up to deep purple or variegated with a yellow note. The flowers are gathered in small bunches, while the structure of the plant is rosette with heart-shaped leaves. The texture is soft, velvety and fleshy with a dark green color in contrast to that of the flowers.

Violet leaf in the egg

In the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony this is a plant that inebriates the rooms. Experts in the field advise to always put a violet leaf in the egg: but why?

Violet leaf in the egg: the help of nurserymen

Taking into account that eggshells are one of the greatest nutrients for plants, few people know that there are practical methods to apply when before.

If the violet plant is not at its peak health, the suitable fertilizer to make it bloom is definitely the shell of the egg. That said, you could take a leaf of the plant and put it inside the eggshell – piercing the surface.

Shell egg

Another method is to put some earth in a container and then crumble 6 eggshells. Once done, insert six violet leaves inside it. What is all this for? The nurserymen use the method to reproduce the plant quickly and naturally, or to make it receive the correct nourishment and then grow without any effort.

The  shell of the eggs  should never be thrown away in compost or wet, but used for plants: it is an excellent essential nutrient rich in mineral salts, as well as moisturizing and with an excellent supply of vitamins. The plants will thank you and the violets will never have been so beautiful and colorful.