Lemon and orange peels can be worth their weight in gold when mixed with vinegar. Here’s what they can be used for.

oranges and lemons in jar

On our tables at the end of lunch or dinner, but also for a tasty snack, we use a lot of fruit and most of the time among these there is always a citrus fruit, especially oranges and lemons.

These citrus fruits are very important as not only can they be available all year round and therefore not only in certain seasons but they adapt perfectly to any type of dish.

Lemon and orange peels: this is why they should never be thrown away

Lemon , in particular, is widespread in both sweet and savory meals as well as orange and is therefore a very indispensable ingredient especially for Italian cuisine which has made it a real treasure.

Orange and lemon peels: here's why they're worth gold

Suffice it to say that some types of lemons, such as those from Sorrento or other types from the Amalfi Coast, have become real products of our territory, as have oranges, the most famous of which are Sicilian ones.

These citrus fruits, in addition to being useful for cooking, are also an excellent ally for defeating ailments and for strengthening our immune defenses as they contain a lot of Vitamin C.

Orange and lemon peels: here's why they're worth gold

In fact, a nice orange juice not only strengthens our body but also helps to heal easily from colds and in summer consumed cold and with ice cubes, it refreshes the palate.

Lemon also has useful properties for our body. Like orange , a nice lemonade, quenches thirst during the warmer months, and can also be useful for digestive problems or other problems, due to its astringent action.

The method that saves us a lot of money

But not everyone knows that nothing of these citrus fruits should be thrown away, even if sometimes we tend to throw away the peels as they are inedible, but these can be used for other purposes.

Although many people chop them up and place them inside the dehumidifier or place them over the radiator or stove to ensure that the essential oils release an intoxicating scent into the surrounding environment, combined with vinegar they can save a lot of money.

By placing lemon and orange peels in a glass jar and sprinkling them with wine vinegar , everything is left to rest for a few days so that all the properties of the peels are released.

Orange and lemon peels: here's why they're worth gold

After this time, we can reopen the jar and drain it into a container with a strainer, making sure to obtain the liquid made of vinegar and essential oils from the citrus peels .

By inserting everything into a spray bottle, we will have a natural and ecological degreaser that will make surfaces such as sinks, sinks and so on shiny and without a stain, as well as having an unmistakable scent.

The solution can also be used to wash the shower cubicle and its panel and glass which after a rainy day have traces of dirt or which have humidity and therefore condensation.

In addition to cleaning thoroughly, the lemon and orange as well as the vinegar will disinfect the surfaces from germs and bacteria, and we will have saved a lot of money that we would have consumed if we bought commercial products for these washes.