In this article we will try to give you targeted advice on how to reproduce geranium naturally and make it luxuriant. Here’s the simple leaf trick.

Caring for geraniums

There are many people who have one or more geraniums on their windowsill. This plant can also be grown on the balcony or in the garden, as long as it is exposed to a lot of sunlight during the day.

In fact, in order to proliferate at its best, the geranium requires a mild climate – the ideal would be a temperature between 15° and 25° – and excellent exposure to sunlight . Spring, therefore, is the ideal season to implement the cultivation of geranium, making it proliferate at its best.

The geranium has fragrant and colorful flowers, capable of making the space outside your home very aesthetically appealing. If there are the right climatic conditions, the geranium can be very luxuriant and give life to an explosion of colors and flowers.

The fertility of geranium is renowned, as are its characteristics as a natural repellent against the arrival of mosquitoes. A very important aspect to consider, especially with the arrival of summer and the hot and humid months. Furthermore, geranium extracts are widely used in cosmetics, for creams and oils with healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

In this article, we will see how to always have luxuriant geraniums . We will examine the method of proliferation of geranium through the foolproof trick of the leaf . What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to produce geranium indefinitely: here is the infallible method to have it luxuriant

Below, we will analyze in detail the method of proliferation of geranium by cutting . In just under 40 days, in fact, you will see that the first leaves will appear, using this technique often adopted in the gardening sector. However, it will always be important to keep the soil well moist. How to get a thriving geranium ? Here’s the method.


Reproduction by cuttings is an infallible trick for the proliferation of all plants. The same thing happens with geranium. In practice, you cut a fragment of the plant – it could be a leaf, a twig or a root – and plant it in the ground .

This technique allows you to always have lush geraniums, since it will be possible to generate a new plant simply by “replenishing” from the mother plant . This is a form of multiplication performed by many people, since it represents the most natural possible method of proliferation and conservation of the vegetative properties of a specific plant.

Now let’s see how to have geranium indefinitely by means of cuttings . Here are all the steps on the correct procedure to follow.

The leaf technique

To create a new geranium plant it will be essential to generate a cutting , simply by cutting a twig or a leaf from your original geranium. You will need to get a pot and some soil to grow this cutting. It will be advisable to choose a soft, florid branch with a more greenish color.

Lush geranium

Cinnamon might also help a lot . By throwing a little of this spice on the cut made in the geranium with shears, you will prevent the plant from being damaged. After having done these preliminary operations, it will be possible to pot the new cutting.

It will be advisable to choose a pot that is not too large and, above all, a soil that does not allow the water to stagnate too much . During the first few days, it will be essential to carefully check the state of the cutting, and make sure that the soil is never completely dry. In fact, it must always be humid, as long as there are no stagnant water, as mentioned.

The cutting needs light, but during the first few weeks it would be better to avoid direct exposure to sunlight . The Sun, in fact, could have a counterproductive effect on the birth and development of the new geranium seedling.

After 15-20 days the cutting will have already created its first roots. Therefore, it may be necessary to plant it in a larger pot. Furthermore, after a few more weeks, the first leaves will appear. An absolutely natural method of proliferation for your geranium , which will always be luxuriant.