Welcome green thumb lovers. Growing and flowering plants in your home is not always the easiest thing in the world. It takes love, patience and perseverance and the plant we are going to see below is no exception.

On this page we will find out how to make the jade tree or commonly called the money tree flourish .

Belonging to the Crassulaceae family, the Crassula (botanical name of the plant) according to the ancient oriental art of Feng Shui is able to attract economic prosperity .

This evergreen plant is very easy to keep indoors and therefore is grown in many people’s apartments. However not everyone knows that when it blooms it can decorate the apartment with incredibly beautiful flowers.


What are the characteristics of this plant?

The leaves of this houseplant grow very quickly .

In fact, to make it grow at its best it is necessary not to water it excessively . Too much humidity could damage the plant and therefore give us the opposite effect.

How should the flowering and growth of the leaves of the money tree be stimulated?

To stimulate flowering we simply have to place the plant in a place where it can enjoy the sunlight . It would be preferable to place the vase towards the north of the house and the temperature should be between 5 and 15 degrees .

To fertilize the plant we can use a compound to be made directly with our hands. Just dissolve 2 grams of phosphate in 3 liters of water . After mixing our solution well, we simply have to use it to water the plant.

To stimulate flowering, however, we must spray succinic acid .

To spray succinic acid we must dissolve 2 100 milligram tablets in a liter of warm water . After that we just have to spray it all over the plant and obviously on the leaves.

All that remains is to put these little tips into practice.

You will see that the plant will grow healthy, strong and full of beautiful flowers.