With this simple remedy, which can also be made at home, the flower immediately comes back to life: seeing is believing. 

ingredients in the plant

The return of the summer months allows nature to reclaim every corner, giving colour, beauty and brightness to all environments. Many people choose to enrich the rooms of their home with some splendid plants , which can also be easily found on windowsills, balconies and in gardens. Among the most popular plants there are undoubtedly orchids , which always release wonderful flowers with a fresh and intense scent. Even though orchids tend to be outdoor plants, in recent times they have been increasingly chosen to decorate interiors , precisely by virtue of their extraordinary elegance.

The orchid comes back to life with this highly effective method: here’s how

However, as with all other plants, orchids also need very detailed care and maintenance  to express their maximum potential.


We must therefore be very careful to always guarantee the orchid the right nourishment , so as to remove the risk of it becoming ill. Many, to reinvigorate orchids, rely on some products that can be easily found on the market.

The advice is not to opt for these solutions but to instead rely on some natural remedies that can be made very quickly at home. Not everyone knows that some foods that we keep very often in our kitchen are perfect for bringing orchids back to life.

For example, peas are an exceptional element for achieving this purpose thanks to their countless beneficial properties. In fact, peas are rich in vitamins (including B1, B3 and B5) and also provide magnesium and phosphorus, as well as a good amount of mineral salts.

All you have to do is take 100 grams of peas and place them inside a jug, where we will then add a liter of warm water . We cover the jug with a cap and leave it in the dark for about 12 hours.

After this time we can take the jug and pour all its contents into a blender . Let’s blend the solution until we obtain a liquid that will be very useful for restoring vigor to our orchids.

The next step consists in filtering the mixture , obviously using a sieve. We will thus have obtained a liquid substance which we will then have to pour into a larger container.

Inside this container, in fact, we must add three liters of water at room temperature, so as to obtain the solution we need.

The beneficial properties of peas

Once we reach this point we can proceed with watering. Let’s pour the newly created solution onto the orchid’s growing medium , so as to ensure our green friend has the maximum possible nourishment.

Watering orchids

In fact, peas are an excellent organic fertilizer that increases the resistance of these plants and  protects them from pests  and diseases. And your flower comes back to life.

Alternatively, we can add some of the leftover liquid into a spray bottle, so as to spray the remedy on the base and surface of the orchid’s growing medium.

The important thing is never to spray the solution on the flowers of this splendid plant, as the starch from the peas could ruin them.