How to reproduce mother-in-law’s tongue endlessly? The nurserymen explain the method that can be applied directly by anyone.

Mother-in-law's tongue

The mother-in-law’s tongue is one of those plants that enrich any environment. Experienced nurserymen set out to multiply a cutting quickly and fun. Obviously, they are actions to be carried out even when you do not have a developed green thumb. To have a plant of this type endlessly, without having to buy it anymore there are some steps to be taken: let’s discover them together.

Mother-in-law’s tongue, characteristics of the plant

Mother-in-law’s tongue, a plant recognizable by its vertical development with a particular name. She was called this way to give a personal interpretation. In fact, its stems are toothed and narrow with vertical development and without any branch. A plant that certainly attracts attention, considering that the flowers have a bright color composed of many petals, opening only during the day.

Mother-in-law's tongue reproduction

The predominant nuances can be many, those of yellow and white up to red passing through romantic pink. The classic colors are white, with a trumpet shape and sizes that vary depending on the type.

Speaking of different types, there are some that produce fragrant flowers of pure white color and that open only at noon. In short, a real show.

The experts’ method

How does the plant multiply? Usually a cutting of a healthy, adult and robust plant that has already developed its flowers is used. We proceed by taking a part of the plant, sheltering it for 7 days. The perpendicular cut that has been made with a sharp and disinfected scissors, will have to be slowly healed. After the week of rest, we proceed by planting this cutting in a pot with a soil rich in sand and fertile soil.

Mother-in-law's tongue cuttings

The earth will always have to be moist, trying to take root within two weeks. Remember that this is a plant accustomed to a tropical climate, so it is better for her to live in humid environments and not in direct sunlight. Also pay attention to the cold, not congenial to the plant.

The infinite multiplication of this plant is therefore possible, but in case of doubt it is good to ask for advice from the trusted nurseryman. Cutting a cutting does not have to be a job done in a hurry and, above all, the cut will not have to be clear.

You can also plant several cuttings together, so as to form a team of seedlings that take root in two weeks. Cuttings with roots can then be planted in a pot individually, while those without roots have not developed and cannot continue their run.