Never bury courgettes next to these plants. The mistake that many people make can nullify all the effort. Attention.

Never bury courgettes next to these plants

It’s time for a spring garden . It is already possible to plant vegetables and greens such as courgettes . In this regard, do you know that you should never bury them near these plants ? Here’s what you risk.

The cultivation of courgettes

Anyone who is an expert green thumb knows that the spring garden can finally begin : it is possible to already plant vegetables and greens that will then be harvested in a few weeks.

Courgettes are among them. If you want to have a bountiful harvest, follow these tips. Rule number 1: never bury courgettes next to these plants . The most common mistake made especially by newbies, risks ruining all your efforts.

Courgettes in the garden

In this contribution we will discover how the cultivation of this delicious vegetable works and what is the best way to be able to take care of it by bringing good, organic and healthy products to the table.

It is possible to plant courgettes starting in March . With the beginning of spring you can try growing them in pots before transplanting them into the ground after a few weeks.

But the ideal month to hope for a good harvest is definitely May . Remember to plant your zucchini seedlings at a distance of at least 30 cm from each other to ensure that they have all the space they need to grow well.

Also pay attention to watering . Courgette plants must be watered regularly, especially in the warmer months: they need a lot of water to survive.

We will also reveal a secret that few people know . Do you know how to get more courgettes? Here’s what you need to do.

The moment your plant starts to bear the first fruits you will have to cut the main branch . By doing so, your plant will develop new branches and consequently new courgettes will be born .

Even in agriculture there are precise rules to follow if you want to get a good harvest. For example, did you know that zucchini should never be planted near these plants? Yet what we are about to tell you about is the most common mistake that many make.

Never bury courgettes next to these plants: here’s the mistake you’re making

It is not easy to cultivate the land nor to bring fruit, vegetables and greens to the table , especially if precise cultivation rules are not followed .

Zucchini are among the tastiest and healthiest products that can already be grown and harvested in this period. But do you know that if you plant them near these plants you’re making a mistake ? We explain in detail what we are referring to.

Courgette plant

If you are not a vegetable garden expert and you are about to plant your first courgettes , follow these tips carefully and you will see that you will get extraordinary results. As we said a little above, courgettes are particular plants that need certain conditions in order to grow healthy, strong and robust.

First of all, the soil in which you have to plant them must not be too calcareous or too clayey . They also need a lot of water , especially in the summer and most importantly, they really need a lot of light .

So make sure you start growing your zucchini plants in an especially sunny spot . But let’s move on to the most important point: near which plants should you never plant your zucchini?

We’ll tell you right away. For example, courgettes do not like being next to aromatic herbs nor to other plants that belong to the same family, that is to say that of the Cucurbitaceae.

So keep them away from cucumbers or melons for example, and instead plant them near legume plants such as beans or even tomatoes . The advice of experts is to change the place where you plant your seedlings every year .

Cucumbers and melons

By changing location you will prevent parasites concentrated in a certain area of ​​the soil from ending up ruining or destroying your plant. You don’t have to be scared by this information. If you are a beginner it might seem difficult to start cultivation  but we assure you that this is not the case.

If you follow these simple tips not only will you have a great time but you will have the opportunity to bring lots of healthy and organic courgettes to your table. Among other things, these are healthy vegetables that are perfect for the body . Rich in vitamins, water and fiber, they help purify the intestines and help our body feel better. Furthermore,  they are low-calorie so perfect to integrate into your diet especially if you are following a balanced diet.