How to have a beautiful orchid? With just one drop of this you can have bright and very green leaves. 

Green orchid

beautiful orchid with its very green and shiny leaves? All this is possible thanks to a key ingredient, which with just one drop will allow the leaves to be even more beautiful. An elegant and refined plant, which has always been given as gifts to communicate gratitude and friendship . The secrets to making it healthy and beautiful are revealed by professionals in the sector.

Ingredient to make orchid leaves green and bright

The key ingredient to making orchid leaves even more beautiful is Neem oil. Used specifically for plants, this is a pesticide with properties and benefits comparable to industrial products. It is a fantastic mosquito, flea and tick repellent, ideal for also freeing the garden from all kinds of objects . Furthermore, its concentration – in the correct doses – is completely harmless to bees, making it ideal for use in flowers and flowerbeds.

neem oil

Neem oil is a completely natural ingredient , an extract of a native plant of Indian origins. Inside the oil there is a rich presence of azadirachtin which blocks insects and improves the conditions of the plant.

A plant treated with this oil cancels the attraction towards insects that can damage it, also counteracting diseases of all kinds. It has a direct antibiotic and antifungal action. A 100% natural product, for this reason also recommended in organic farming.

Neem oil, how to prepare the mixture

To create the substance suitable for the orchid , simply choose a pure ingredient with a certificate for use in plants. You will obviously have to choose a well-known and also certified company.

To prepare the substance you use:

  • 1 liter of water;
  • 20ml of pure Neem oil with plant certification;
  • Half organic lemon juice.

Take a large cotton pad and, after soaking it, you can dab it on the orchid leaves, ensuring that all the properties penetrate deeply.

Or you can spray it directly on the leaves  and branches , so as to completely protect it from possible attacks by insects. The treatment can be repeated even three times a week , so as to have a complete cycle of nourishment and protection for the plant.

orchid leaves

After a plant is treated with this oil, its properties come into contact with plant structures and act on the lymphatic system. Obviously, it acts on most insects that attack the plant for nourishment or to acquire all its sap.

In this specific case it is used on the orchid , but it is however possible to use the substance on any type of green or flowering plant. Expert nurserymen also use it on fruit plants, with quite a few results. Orchids will finally be healthy, with very green leaves and colorful flowers .