Onion is an ingredient that we use in almost all the dishes we cook, but not everyone knows that it can also be a fundamental element for solving some daily problems. For example, do you know what the purpose of rubbing onion on the windshield is? You would never expect it: all the details.

Onion on the windshield

Anyone who owns a car knows very well that very often there can be small and unforeseen problems that prevent the use of the vehicle. But not everyone knows that with a simple onion you could solve an inconvenience that really happens to everyone.

Very few people know this method. Rubbing the onion on the windshield is really very useful, you’ll be amazed as soon as you see the result: let’s find out what happens.

Onion on the windshield: the remedy you didn’t expect

The onion is best known for its intense smell and flavour. Not everyone likes it, but it’s actually a food with many properties. It is a vegetable widely used in Italian cuisine, in fact, we find it in any dish. There are several varieties and it is present in almost all diets or nutrition.

As you well know, the onion lends itself to many and delicious preparations. But there are people who use it in a different way, some even rub it on the car windshield to solve a major problem. Do you know what happens? You will never believe it but it’s an incredible trick, you won’t be able to do without it: all the details.

What’s the use of rubbing onion on the windshield? The truth

Surely it’s impossible to deprive yourself of the onion, most people have it in their kitchens. Not everyone knows that it is also very useful outside the home. Indeed, it could solve a problem quite a bit.

If you take an onion, cut it in half and rub it on your car windshield you might be amazed by the result. But what exactly is it for? You will never believe it, but in winter or when  temperatures drop considerably, ice adheres to the glass.

Onion cut in half

Very often it can be difficult to defrost the windshield of the car, in fact, it is an operation that also takes a long time. However, if you rub half an onion on the glass you will have solved this very annoying problem that wastes your time every morning.

How does onion work? this element releases  a dense and sticky substance that protects the glass from atmospheric agents such as snow and ice. Precisely for this reason, we recommend carrying out this operation perhaps in the evening or before leaving the car.

Defrost the glass

When you need to use it again, just remove that surface ice , turn on the car, activate the windshield wipers and you’re done. Surely you will no longer be able to do without this fantastic natural trick that will save you a lot of time.