The orchid is an absolutely highly appreciated plant which, however, needs some special care. Let’s see them.

orchid if placed here it blooms for 10 years what is the ideal place in the house

There are those who enjoy finding the most original furnishings or furnishing accessories in their home. In fact, when you can and have a home of your own, it is quite natural that you want to embellish it with something special.

On the other hand, for example, plants are certainly a touch of green that can particularly appeal to those who live in large metropolises where, precisely, there are not many natural spaces.

And, in this regard, we can say that we are truly spoiled for choice. In fact, there are numerous options available to us. You could, therefore, decide for a vase of flowers or plants of different sizes  which, in addition to the beautiful appearance, also provide benefits.

We won’t dwell on this point, but, at the very least, we want to remember that some indoor plants contribute to purifying and oxygenating the air and even, in some cases, humidifying the environment .

One of the most widespread ones, precisely because of its evident beauty, is the orchid . Tropical, elegant and long-lasting, it also has various colours. You can, therefore, find yellow , pink , blue , and with other pleasant shades.

However, unfortunately, it could also have happened to some of you, who, once purchased and brought into your apartment, did not take long to fade away. It can happen, because these plants are as beautiful as they are demanding of care .

Thus, we must not forget that, before buying an orchid , some important information must be kept in mind in order not to risk having to say goodbye too easily. Let’s see, therefore, in the next few lines, to understand in more detail what it is and what are the basic rules for keeping it in the best possible way.

Mistakes to avoid with the orchid

First of all, it must be remembered that it is not necessary, indeed it could even be harmful, to repot it and bury it . Secondly, having those origins already mentioned above, its main Achilles heel is certainly the cold and the lack of light .


Furthermore, it would be good and right not to move the vase containing the orchid , as these plants do not like changes of position. But, be careful, there are specific areas that must necessarily be avoided.

First of all, do not place your orchid on a windowsill near an unscreened window , because direct sunlight tends to start an inevitable process of drying out the leaves and buds.

We have already mentioned the fact that the orchid cannot stay in a cold environment, although, it is worth highlighting, we must not, however, make the mistake of placing it near a radiator or an air conditioner .

It can, however, be a fairly frequent mistake that can compromise the plant in question. Yes, because the artificial heat that comes out of these appliances doesn’t allow the orchid to breathe as it should.

One last piece of advice, perhaps the most obvious, is to not keep the orchid in a place in the house that your four-legged friend can reach . In fact, the dog or cat could mistake it for a toy and, attracted by the bright colors, start damaging it.

In short, if you are able to follow these tips, perhaps you will have the possibility of keeping your orchid alive longer.