With a method that no one thinks of, we can have strong roots and beautiful flowers on our orchid. That’s how.


In our homes, there are often plants to make the surrounding environment more lively and cheerful and to make our home harmonious, using these green friends of ours as a furnishing accessory.

However, plants are not only useful as ornaments, but also for making the air healthy, in fact many of them use chlorophyll photosynthesis and help us in air exchange with a circulation of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Orchid, method for strong roots

Furthermore, some, particularly the greasy ones, tend to absorb the humidity present inside a room and therefore attract all the condensation and prevent mold from forming on the walls.

Many of these plants, in their best season, tend to flower and these flowers are useful for safeguarding the planet and for the pollination of insects that make the world colorful and functional.

For this reason, it is advisable to always keep plants in full bloom near windows or on our balconies, so that pollinating insects can rest and find pollen.

Orchid: how to make it strong

The importance of these insects on our planet is fundamental, as without their work we would not have everything we have and we must thank them for what they do for the ecosystem.

Among the most sold and purchased plants , there is one that is popular because of its flowers and because it has always been seen as a symbol of elegance and beauty as well as having many species.

Here’s what needs to be done

We are talking about the orchid , which has become, especially in recent times, the best-selling plant of all time together with others that have become a must for nurserymen, but not everyone manages to maintain it properly.

It often happens that this plant produces very robust roots and some of them tend to come out of the pot where we have placed our plant and therefore we tend to prune them.

Although the appearance is not initially the most beautiful, you have to be careful what you do, because by cutting these roots, called aerial, the plant can tend to get ruined and not flower.

Orchid: how to make it strong

Otherwise, we need to take these aerial roots and doors inside a tray full of water  next to our plant and wait for them to become strong and robust before proceeding with the operation.

By uprooting the entire plant from inside the pot, we simply need to transfer it into a larger one, ensuring that the area roots are wrapped around the others so that they can grow strong and robust.

In this way, not only will we avoid having aerial roots but we will also have had the opportunity to ensure that the flowers that emerge are abundant and strong and will be the envy of everyone who sees our plant .

Furthermore, there are various methods for the maintenance of the orchid and some of these involve the use of lemon juice while others involve the use of cow’s milk to make the leaves shiny and shiny and the flowers white and lush.