Are you a flower lover and do you own an orchid that has dehydration problems and the roots are rotting? Well it is said that the plant must die. In fact, there is a way to save it and restore it to its former glory. First you need to evaluate how the leaves of your orchid are: are they slightly wrinkled in appearance and are they soft to the touch? Then they have problems and it is necessary to run for cover.

Orchid with dry roots? Don't throw it away! Here's how to save her!

Orchid with dry roots? Don’t throw it away! Here’s how to save her!

Also check the roots that are under the soil of the orchid, if they are rotten or completely dry, it is a sign that the plant is not being nourished adequately and that it risks dying. But the last word has not yet been said. In fact, know that it is possible to save her by putting her under hydrotherapy. What is it about? First, remove the plant completely from its soil.

Then remove the roots that are rotten and no longer supply the plant with anything. Then check if the orchid still has fleshy roots, necessary for its rehabilitation. Now take a chalice-type glass about 10-15 cm high and soak the roots of the plant all day, removing them at night and thus giving the orchid the opportunity to hydrate without rotting.

Do this process for a whole week, after which you will notice that the leaves of your orchid are reinvigorating. Now it’s time to put it back in the pot. It is advisable, to continue the correct hydration of the plant, to obtain expanded clay to put in the saucer, necessary to continue the hydrotherapy.

Now take the vase and put some soil back into it. Insert the orchid and cover all the roots with more soil. Try to keep the plant upright as you repot it to give it a more vigorous appearance. It also serves to allow the plant to absorb water from its roots in the best way.