To grow and enrich the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, this organic supplement is very powerful.

Organic supplement

cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in the private garden or vegetable garden? Definitely a great haul to have some healthy food on hand. However, there are small attentions that these crops require in order to grow healthy and strong, in quantity. Industry experts recommend a powerful all-natural organic supplement. An ingredient that finds space every day in a careful diet and in the refrigerator at home.

Powerful organic supplement ingredient for plants

In order to have a good harvest of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers there is a natural ingredient to use as an organic fertilizer. It is a unique product of its kind, rich in mineral salts and vitamins. Not only that, it is used in the everyday diet and is certainly an ingredient that finds space for the well-being of the body.

In this case, experts advise using it twice a week to give nutrition to crops. An excellent supplement without preservatives or chemical agents that can pollute the soil and obviously also the protagonist vegetables.

The main ingredient is classic white yogurt, a dairy product that is obtained from the bacterial fermentation of milk. The benefits are not only for the health of the organism but also that of plants. There are good bacteria that must be constantly nourished to fix nitrogen.

Plain yogurt

Recent research conducted at the University of Washington has discovered how probiotics are perfect for fixing nitrogen in plants, improving their development in a healthy way.

Yogurt for plants, how to use it

For this reason, everyone has started to use yogurt in the garden and vegetable garden, so as to nourish the plants well and counteract mold as well as the attack of bad bacteria.

How to get the supplement? Just a jar of yogurt inside a liter of water, mixing the two ingredients well. Immediately afterwards you can decide to water the soil directly or vaporize the leaves with the help of a spray container.

Organic supplement

The best method is to use it every day on the leaves, but you can also use it twice a week to supplement the soil and make it stronger and nourished.

It is definitely a great method to help the good bacteria do their job, increasing the fertility of the soil and also the nitrogen to be fixed. The method is generic, as advised by nurserymen in the sector. To apply it in the garden or in the plants, it is better to ask your trusted nurseryman for advice, so as to have a personalized yogurt-based recipe.

The ingredient is however natural and does not damage any crop, on the contrary it is optimal for nourishment and contrast in the formation of mold.