To make our orchids healthy and thriving again, all you need is the use of one ingredient. Here’s what it is.

sugar in orchids

For many centuries, human beings have taken advantage of the beauties present in nature to decorate their gardens and balconies to enjoy what Mother Nature makes available.

However, not everyone is green thumbs and therefore we tend to prefer some plants that do not need much care and among these there are succulents which , thanks to their foliage, also tend to absorb humidity.

Orchids: here’s the ingredient that makes them wonderful

Furthermore, it is also very useful for the planet to have some plants at home and on our balconies that tend to form flowers which could favor the pollination of some insects that could visit us.

a teaspoon in orchids

In fact, having lavender or other types of flowers on our balconies will help some insects, including bees, which are very useful for the health of the planet, to rest and pollinate some plants and flowers.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that our plants and flowers are always alive and that they can flourish at any time of the year by taking care of them and dedicating time to them.

Orchids: here's how to make them bloom again with just one ingredient

Among the plants and flowers most commonly purchased and kept at home there are orchids , which are none other than monocotyledonous plants, some of which are able to absorb the water present in the environment and survive by also feeding on decomposing substances.

Their flowers are beautiful, with the most varied colors and various shapes depending on the species and to ensure that it never dies, this plant should be watered, according to experts, in the early hours of the morning.

Some recommend keeping the pot of orchids immersed for a maximum of 10 minutes in a bucket of water so that for a week they are well holding excess water in their roots without needing to be watered.

How to best use it

Often, however, once pruned it is not very easy to make them bloom again but there is an ingredient that works as a fertilizer which is often used by nurserymen and housewives to reinvigorate the flowers.

We are talking about sodium bicarbonate . In particular, by inserting a teaspoon of this ingredient into a liter of water we will have a useful mixture to spray at least once a day on the plant after its defloration.

Furthermore, this ingredient will act as a fertilizer and therefore the right frequency is 3 or 4 times after its pruning and compared to all other fertilizers its naturalness will be 100%.

Orchids: here's how to make them bloom again with just one ingredient

However, it must be said that one should not overdo the use of this mixture and should never be used when the plant is about to bloom or when there is a flower present, otherwise the effects will be different.

Furthermore, sodium bicarbonate provides the plant with sodium and carbon, fundamental elements for its survival and therefore it will be able to live longer than usual thanks also to the rebalancing of the PH present between the room and the water used.

Orchids: here's how to make them bloom again with just one ingredient

All that remains is to arm ourselves with this ingredient to ensure that our orchids are born strong and rigorous.