Do you like cucumbers and would like to grow them by getting a good harvest? Here’s what to use to give vigor to the plant.

Ingredient for cucumbers

Excellent food for the intestine, because it purifies and purifies, cucumber is much loved for its properties and for this reason it is advisable to include it in the diet. This food, thanks to its water and potassium content, is very depurative and if consumed regularly helps to eliminate toxins and waste that cause water retention, acidity in the blood, slow down metabolism, promote the formation of cellulite.

Thanks to its exceptional purifying effects, cucumber is therefore indicated to eat in salads or proposed in other tasty recipes. But how to have a good supply at home? Growing it is simple, but to get a bountiful harvest and tasty fruits you need to use a natural fertilizer, specifically prepared with onion peels. Here’s how!


Properties of onion peels

Onion peels are an excellent natural ingredient and excellent fertilizer for plants, especially cucumber. Few people know it, but onion peels are an exceptional supplement for the soil and make an excellent contribution to obtaining quality cucumbers in good quantities.

Both dried and used in the natural version, onion peels are at no cost because you can take them from the onions you buy at the supermarket and therefore they also save you money. They allow you to easily prepare a liquid solution or infusion for feeding the soil, ensuring efficiency and versatility, much better than other expensive fertilizers.

Onion peel for cucumbers

Helping cucumber plants grow and develop well is a great idea, and you can do it using only natural fertilizer. Using a natural fertilizer, you get a big saving of money and in addition you ensure on the table an organic food, grown without substances harmful to health. How to use onion peel to get cucumbers in quantity and also tasty? Here’s how:

  • Take 1 handful of chopped onion peels;
  • Put them in the hole in the soil prepared for the plant;
  • Cover them with earth and then plant cucumber;
  • Bring the earth closer to the seedling and water.

With this great help from the moment you plant the cucumber you will ensure vigor and strength to the plant and it will grow luxuriantly. You can also use the skins to rid the plant of pests, spreading them along the soil around the plant.

Liquid fertilizer with onion peels

Alternatively, you can also prepare a natural liquid fertilizer based on onion peels. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a handful of chopped onion peels;
  • Put them in a glass container;
  • Pour inside 1 liter of hot water;
  • Leave the solution to infuse for 6/12 hours.

After the time has elapsed, strain the solution and pour it at the base of the plant 1 time every 2 weeks. Or, you can spray the solution on the leaves 1 time every 10/14 days. Cucumbers will grow lush, and you will get an enviable harvest!


In addition to preparing liquid fertilizer, with onion peels you can get a real infusion to cure cucumber plants and get a beautiful harvest. Here’s what you need to prepare the infusion:

  • 100 grams of onion peels;
  • 5 liters of warm water.

Mix the two ingredients and keep the mixture to infuse for five days, then strain it. This onion infusion should then be sprayed on cucumber plants at least three times every five days. The solution allows you to get rid of mites from plants, but also fleas, aphids and midges.

At the same time it is ideal for watering cucumbers without turning the leaves yellow. To prevent yellowness spray onion infusion 2-3 times during the summer, using a common watering can.