Rotten orchid

It is a plant characterized by a pleasant appearance. However, if it were to rot, there is an effective method to recover it.

The orchid is certainly one of the most beautiful flowers that, in fact, many choose as decor in their home.

On the other hand, it is certainly a map that makes our apartment pleasant, and what is more, there is a wide choice of shades, since it can be found in different colors .

Be that as it may, it must also be underlined that it is not, however, simple to maintain. In fact, it needs various care to avoid fading easily.

When we see it on some shelf in the supermarket or in the nursery, therefore, it is easy for us to be fascinated and persuaded to buy it. However, unfortunately, it often happens that, if we don’t give it the necessary attention, its leaves and buds end up saying goodbye quite soon.

In this regard, there are some procedures that must not be forgotten if we do not want this flower to leave us sooner.

In fact, as the most experienced remind us, it is good and right to look for a suitable location in the house that does not only reflect one’s personal aesthetic tastes. In fact, the orchid , having tropical origins, you must know that it absolutely does not like cold environments and does not appreciate the continuous change of position .

At this point, however, it should also be emphasized that not even placing it near artificial heat sources will be an adequate choice , such as, for example, near a radiator or an air conditioner.

This decision, in fact, will definitely compromise the plant. In short, light and heat are more than fine, as long as they come from natural sources, such as, to name one, a shielded window .

However, if, unfortunately, one day the inevitable should happen, that is to find your beloved orchid that has become rotten , know that there is even an effective remedy that you could, in case, put into practice.

How to recover the withered orchid

Oh yes, maybe you’ve never heard of it or no one had ever told you before, and, for this very reason, we want to let you know about something really interesting that will help you solve this unpleasant problem .

Let’s see, precisely, in the next few lines, what is the procedure to allow this plant to revive itself in a rather simple way .

First of all, you will need to equip yourself with a specific product called agricultural lime which can be found in powder form. Well, when you have it in your hands, the next step is to mix it with hot water , and mix everything until you obtain a homogeneous lotion .

After having done this operation, therefore, it will be your responsibility to leave the resulting mix on for about thirty minutes . While you wait for this concoction to act on its behalf, therefore, you can take the opportunity to remove the rotten roots of your orchid.

Then, the time has come to transfer the plant to another pot in which we should insert soil suitable for orchids. Only at this point, therefore, do we need to pour in the mixture that was previously prepared.

What can I say, after carrying out this procedure, you should soon notice a nice improvement and an incredible recovery of the orchid.