Having a perfumed house is a priority, there is nothing more pleasant than returning from a long day of work and being greeted by an intense perfume.

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All this is not always easy, especially in winter, when after dinner, doors and windows remain closed, the smells of food or smoke remain trapped inside.

There are many industrial perfumers that can help us solve the problem but the costs, in the long run, can weigh on the budget and the worst thing is that we find ourselves constantly breathing chemicals.

In this case, nature can help us, in a simple and economical way. Furthermore, based on which substance we decide to use, we would derive different benefits.

In this case we will deal with sage.

The benefits of sage

We all know that sage is a real trump card for flavoring roasts in the kitchen, but its properties are not limited to this.

Its perfume has the ability to reduce anxiety and stress, which is why it helps in case of nervousness or difficulty sleeping.

That’s not all, its expectorant power is an ally for those suffering from asthma and inflammatory processes in the upper airways.

How to use sage to perfume your home and benefit from it

Let’s get a good quantity of sage leaves. If we had a plant in the garden it would be ideal, if we don’t have it yet let’s consider buying one. This plant is very resistant and also grows well in pots, so even if we don’t have a garden, it’s a good idea to get one to keep at home.

We clean the leaves well, we must eliminate all the dirt residues, place them on a piece of absorbent paper or on a cloth and let them air dry for 4-5 days.

When they are ready, place them in small cotton bags, close them and place them in several corners of the house.

For a more intense scent we place the bags above the radiator, when it turns on the house will be very fragrant.

Scented vapors for a shock effect

To quickly resolve those situations in which a bad smell has spread throughout the rooms, we can use sage by combining it with other spices.

We take some sage leaves, a few sprigs of rosemary, some bay leaves and a lemon, we will cut the latter into small pieces.

We place everything in a pan with water and let it boil. The steam that will be released will spread between the rooms, eliminating the bad smell and, at the same time, perfuming all the rooms.

Now coming home will always be very relaxing!