Sprinkle it under the zucchini, so they can grow endlessly and you can collect a lot of them. Here’s what to do to achieve this.

Element to put on zucchini

For those who are dedicated to growing these delicious vegetables, there is a simple and at the same time valid way to get a rich harvest of zucchini. By sprinkling this particular ingredient on the ground, they will grow endlessly leaving you completely satisfied with the results obtained. Here’s how.

Sprinkle it under the zucchini

As mentioned in the first lines, we will talk about a method that will be useful to you in order to have at your disposal a particular category of vegetables and in large quantities: zucchini.

Those who carry out this type of cultivation can only be amazed by the disproportionate amount of zucchini that will be able to be obtained, since it is a useful trick, much appreciated and used.


So what can be done in practice? What to use?

To kick off the process, you’ll need a first ingredient that is generally present in every kitchen: rice.

You will need three tablespoons of this ingredient, which you will pour into the blender container.

Then you will need two tablets of activated charcoal to add to the rice and at this point you can proceed, chopping both elements well.

Once the first two ingredients have been ground, pour a liter of water into the mixture to blend it together with the previous two products.

At this point it will be necessary to dilute in a couple of liters of water, for a total of 3 liters and then pour the liquid mixture partially into a glass.

This will serve you to water under the root of the plant once in 25/30 days. Sprinkle it under the zucchini, therefore, since in the presence of a very effective solution precisely for a higher growth of the zucchini plant.

Sprinkle it under the zucchini: indications regarding the stages of other procedures

The one presented is not, however, the only procedure that can be used to achieve this goal: below we will talk about other very valid DIY tricks in this sense.

Rice and egg

Here’s another: to 3 tablespoons of rice try to add an egg including the shell. Pour in addition 2 liters of water and leave for 6 hours, then blend all these elements.

Strain the solution obtained, pouring it into a container containing 1 liter of water. So as to have a 3-liter stock solution ready.

Pour part of the solution into a glass, which you can then use under the root.

Rusks and water

Another DIY product that you can rely on is the following: just pour a tablespoon of crumbled rusks into a container, adding 3 liters of water.


Blend, then keep the mixture at rest for 24 hours. At this point you will pour the solution into a glass filtering it, which you will need to water under the roots once every 25/30 days.

In short, as you can see, there are several methods that can be used to achieve this goal, such as the following consisting of a teaspoon of soda combined with a teaspoon of pepper and 3 liters of water.

Blend all the ingredients and after 6 hours use a glass of this mixture to be poured under the root once every 25/30 days.

Latest tricks and tips for a good harvest

We present the last solution that will allow you after a short time to be able to count on an incredible growth of vegetables.

With the peel of two onions and a bay leaf combined with a liter of water, blending everything together you can get a perfect natural solution to use under the root of zucchini plants once in 25/30 days.

For a good harvest of zucchini, a farmer recommends making a mixture with a tablespoon of cloves to grind.

In this sense, it will be necessary to take from 5 to 7 aloe leaves and then cut them into small pieces; Then add them to the cloves and a liter of water.

Alternatively, you can use a mixture made with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a liter of water, for an extraordinary harvest until the end of October.

Something about zucchini: what they are

In this article we have highlighted the various methods to be able to have in large quantities the much-loved zucchini, but what are they and why are they so much “desired”?

Let’s start by saying that they are typical vegetables of the summer season and have an elongated shape and a green color.

These have such a delicate flavor that many use them to prepare various recipes both as a side dish and to prepare excellent first courses.

Zucchini is the ideal choice for those who want to maintain good weight management, as they do not contain a lot of sugar and seem to contain a lot of water.

They also contain many vitamins including A and C and minerals such as magnesium.

It is not surprising, therefore, that zucchini represent one of those very popular products, especially in the summer season, but not only. So if you are among those who love them, the methods just presented can only come in handy.