Natural fertilizer, do you know how to make it for just 10 cents? You need to do this: only in this way will your plants come back to life. Here is the secret used by nurserymen.

Economical fertilizer for plants

Are you looking for a natural and cheap fertilizer ? With just 10 cents you will have solved your problem: so your plants will come back to life . The trick of the expert green thumbs revealed.

Fertilizers to revive our plants

Ensuring a long life for a plant is not something to be taken for granted. If you are a novice, the challenge is even more complicated. If, however, you have a green thumb , you will probably succeed in your aim but nothing is guaranteed.


Even if you dedicate love, attention and care to your plants, you may often find yourself faced with a truly unpleasant sight: their death. How many times have you found yourself having to cut off yellowed leaves or even getting rid of your plant because it is now devoid of any lifeblood ?

If you have resorted to various methods and systems but without results, perhaps before giving yourself up you should try this trick . Today we will teach you how to make a natural fertilizer that will give new life to your plant.

Do you know that with just 10 cents you will solve the problem of wilting plants ? The trick used by nurserymen has finally been revealed . When a plant starts to wilt and its leaves turn yellow, it means you’re doing something wrong.

In more detail, it could happen that your little green jewel needs more water or nutrients that it is unable to acquire from the soil. In these cases, you should resort to a fertilizer .

Of course, you can buy all types of them around. The best-selling ones are chemical or artificial fertilizers which obviously can rebalance your plant but at what cost to the environment? Did you know that you could use a natural fertilizer instead ? Here is what will give new life to your plant, quickly and above all economically.

Nurserymen’s trick to creating a super effective natural fertilizer revealed

If you too are looking for a fertilizer that is not artificial or chemical but 100% natural to give new life to your plants, then you have come to the right place. In this contribution, we will show you how to create a product that with just 10 cents will be able to revive your little green jewels.


Ready to find out how to proceed? So let’s waste no time and get started immediately. Let’s say straight away that there are two techniques for making this fertilizer , one simpler than the other.

Let’s start with the first. The ingredient that can never be missing is sodium bicarbonate . Precisely this will be able to make your plants bloom again and trigger their growth . The bicarbonate will revive fallen or yellowed leaves, also activating the emergence of new shoots , making better ones bloom.

But that is not all. It will also help eliminate pests and fungi from your plants . As you can see, this ingredient is truly a very precious resource. How should you use it? In a really simple way! Take a teaspoon, fill it with baking soda and pour it into a liter of water . Mix well, you will see that the product will dissolve very easily.

After it has melted, you can start watering the soil of your plants . This fertilizer is also excellent for succulents such as cacti or orchids and anthuriums.

In short, it works for all plant species . The advice of nurserymen is to use bicarbonate dissolved in water once every 30 days . We will now explain the second method in which you can always use bicarbonate with the same solution.

In this case, you will have to pour the product into a nebulizer or spray bottle and start wetting the leaves of your plant . By doing so, you will eliminate fungi and parasites from your little green jewels and the yellow, wilted leaves will come back to life.

Even in this case, nurserymen recommend using the product once every 30 days . See how simple it is to give your plants a new life ? Many times it is not necessary to resort to chemical or artificial products which can certainly make your little green jewels recover, but also at quite significant costs for the environment.

With baking soda and water , you can solve the problem of wilted plants or yellowing leaves yourself . By the way, this is a really super cheap remedy.

Why? Obviously, bicarbonate has a negligible price and is an easily available ingredient that is almost never missing in Italian homes . Try these two techniques too and give new life to your plants.

We are sure that after trying this 100% natural fertilizer, you will never go back . Your wonderful green jewels will sprout and come back to life. And do you know what the most important thing is? Rebirth will come immediately!

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