The perfect method for watering plants when we are on holiday. For vegetable garden and potted plants

Good watering is essential for good cultivation, in fact the right amount of water allows plants to develop at their best in every stage of growth. Too much water damages the roots, stem and leaves; if they receive too little water they risk drying out in a short time. This ingenious technique will allow you to “water”  without any waste of water and without making mistakes in watering.


With this technique you will no longer manually water potted plants and underground plants, including the vegetable garden, for days, you will be able to go on holiday or be away for a weekend, without having to ask friends and neighbors to give water to the plants.

Get plastic bottles of two different sizes – half liter bottles and one and a half liter bottles, or one and a half liter bottles and 3 liter cans and so on – the larger they are, the longer the water charge will last. You will have your irrigation system at zero cost and zero impact.

Take the smaller plastic container and cut it more or less in half, as in the photo. Dig a hole to bury it and fill it with water. At this point take the larger plastic container and cut that in half too.

Now place it upside down on top of the smaller one, so as to obtain a large lid (see photo).


With these simple steps the irrigation system is complete and will work automatically: the more sun there is, the more the plants will be watered.