One ingredient that can be a real friend to use to make your garden lush is basil .

Basil is a plant, as you well know, very versatile. This aromatic plant is usually used in the kitchen or as a traditional medicine.

In addition to these characteristics, basil can also be used for garden care .

In fact, it is possible to use it as a real domestic fertilizer in such a way as to significantly increase the growth of flowers on any type of plant .

To find out how you can use this common ingredient found in anyone’s kitchen just keep reading.


What is the kitchen ingredient that makes flowers bloom? Use basil! Discover all its benefits.

Once dried, basil can bring many benefits. In fact it contains vitamins , essential oils and minerals that help plants grow. By using this homemade fertilizer you will be able to give your plants natural nutrients capable of strengthening their immune system , therefore making them more resistant to diseases.

You will see that with this ingredient the flowers will grow much faster .

Homemade Fertilizer: Make your own with dried basil

A great fertilizer to use for your plants is dried basil tea .

To prepare this incredible and effective tea you need to follow the steps given below .

Clearly you must first harvest fresh basil leaves or you can buy already dried basil in a health food store. Then if you use fresh leaves you must necessarily air dry them or you must dehydrate them using a food dehydrator.

When the leaves are dry and crunchy, crush them manually or using a food processor to obtain a very fine basil powder. Bring the mixture to a teapot or heatproof container and fill it with hot water . Please remember to add a spoonful of dried basil for every cup of water poured into the teapot.

All that remains is to leave everything to infuse for no less than 15 minutes so that the nutrients are released into the water without any problems. Next you need to filter the tea and let it cool . Once the tea is cold you can use it without problems.

How do you use this dried basil tea to fertilize plants?

Using this product made with your own hands is really very simple.

You can use this dried basil tea instead of irrigation water . Pour it every 15 days , then at regular intervals.

Avoid wetting the leaves and pour it around the base of the plants then directly into the soil . To make this natural fertilizer successful, make sure the tea reaches the roots .

In conclusion, we must not forget that each plant has different needs and therefore each method must be suitable for what the plant needs and also for its characteristics.

However this method is capable of making any type of plant flower . So recycle this cooking ingredient and it will prove to be super potent and effective.

Make your plants bloom this way – you won’t regret it!