If you too follow this ancient secret of growers you will see the richest flowering ever! Here’s what it is.

the farmers' secret

It is impossible not to love flowers and plants: their beauty, their delicacy and the way they grow with our care are good for the spirit. The thrill of planting a seed and, some time later, witnessing the majestic flowering of a bud is unparalleled . To ensure that our plants give the best in terms of beauty, vigor and duration, we have to pay attention to many details. The care we give is essential for a correct and rich flowering.

You must have very specific qualities to obtain satisfactory results. The most important is patience. Patience, consistency and a passion for gardening , when combined, give life to something wonderful. With the right information and instructions to implement we can, independently, create a dream garden. The garden is an external place we own where we can spend pleasant time in the open air, and if we make it harmonious, colorful and rich in nature it could become our favorite place. But how can you manage such a quantity of plants without making mistakes? How to stimulate rich flowering? Here is the answer.

The ancient secret of the farmers

Agriculture is one of the oldest activities carried out by man. Over the course of entire millennia, technologies and techniques to better manage one’s crops have evolved, but there are little tricks that are so infallible that, even today, they are put into practice by many people. The only way to grow many strong and beautiful flowers is to act directly on the soil . It all starts from the soil: the plant puts its roots inside it, nourishing itself on what it offers.

Garden full of flowers with this method

By inserting the right nutrients into the soil we will see how the plant, through its roots, absorbs everything good that we give it. The absolute best solution is to create organic fertilizers . Organic fertilizers, unlike chemical ones, are extremely positive for our plants. Chemical ones can be harmful to the environment and may not have the desired effect. With organic elements, the correct nourishment for our plants is more than guaranteed. Let’s see together one of the most surprising and functional  organic fertilizers of all.

Use this organic fertilizer: the result is amazing

It’s really easy to create and the result will exceed all your expectations. It is the most loved organic fertilizer by most green thumbs in the world. The reason is that after using it you can find significant improvements in the progress of your plantations. You would never expect it, but the star ingredient is seaweed . Yes, seaweed called nori seaweed , the one we eat in sushi restaurants. It’s not only good to eat, it’s also an excellent ingredient to create a miraculous organic fertilizer.

All you need to do is buy a few sheets of nori seaweed at the supermarket, the rest can be done at home. What you need is to chop a sheet of nori seaweed in a liter of water in a blender. Chop well, for about two minutes; after which it will be necessary to filter the mixture with the help of a sieve and a piece of cloth. The result should be a dark liquid without too many lumps. This seaweed water is our organic fertilizer. Here’s how to use it.

Garden full of flowers with this method

This is a fertilizer that can be used in different and all effective ways , for example by immersing a cotton ball in it and cleaning the leaves of the plants with it. By doing this you will remove any impurities found on these leaves and consequently the plant will improve the photosynthesis process. By improving photosynthesis it will be able to activate growth and activate richer flowering. This will also prevent the leaves from yellowing because they will be much more resistant to parasites. The second method, the even more effective one is, obviously,  watering flowers and plants with seaweed water. By watering the soil of the plants with this liquid, the latterthey will absorb all the most important nutrients such as magnesium, iron, nitrogen, potassium, boron, manganese and many others. The effectiveness of this fertilizer will result in a variety of beautiful flowers that will improve your mood every time you take care of them.