There is a natural fertilizer better than any other that will always offer you lush plants. Let’s see what it is.

Powerful fertilizer

With the coming summer, the desire to dedicate oneself to the garden (or balcony) and arrange a little the plants that may have been compromised by the winter also returns. Whether you want to buy new plants or regenerate old ones, you may not know that there is a natural fertilizer that is great for offering vitamins and minerals in abundance and immediate nutrition. Let’s see in the article what it is.

How to treat plants

Whether you are a grower with a green thumb or simply a lover of seedlings to keep on the balcony, you will know very well that each plant has its own needs. There are plants that need full sun, while others prefer shade, some require water almost daily, while others retain it and are content to be watered once a week. Without a doubt, the first thing to do is to get to know your plants.

Plant care

If you have the opportunity to buy them in a nursery it will be easy to get the indications on the correct maintenance. Alternatively, you can turn to the internet, if you know the name of the plant, or to free apps that photograph it will tell you what plant it is and how to best grow it. In short, nowadays keeping seedlings alive has become simple even for those who do not have a green thumb.

What is certain is that all plants, if they do not live in their habitat, may need a good fertilizer. On the market there are many in different formulations, but today we will see how an organic element can be much more effective in making plants stronger and more lush.

The best fertilizer for plants

When we talk about plant fertilizers, we often think of substances that act directly on the plant itself. In fact, what most fertilizers do is act on the soil. One of the best natural fertilizers is leonardite.

Leonardite is a carbon-rich organic substance found in some types of clays. It is a substance rich in lignin, which can be extracted from clays rich in organic matter.

Leonardite as fertilizer

Leonardite can be obtained through chemical extraction processes and is very often used as a fertilizer in powder, liquid or grains. This substance offers immediate nourishment to the soil and consequently to the plants. Using it is very simple. You can mix it with the soil when creating the new home for plants, or you can dissolve 10 grams of powder in a liter of water, so as to have a solution to irrigate the plants.

Leonardite is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that help increase soil productivity, improve soil quality and promote plant growth.  Leonardite can also help reduce soil compaction, improve soil structure, and increase plant resistance to pests.

A substance certainly very useful for the well-being of plants and soil and totally natural.