Have you ever tried growing strawberries in tubes? For a vegetable garden that is different from the usual, experts indicate the simple and quick technique.

Strawberries in tube

cultivation technique different from the usual , which nurserymen recommend in order to have delicious strawberries in tubes from the producer to the consumer. For those who have a small garden, it will be easy to put this type of technique into practice, which is very simple and also fun. Just follow a few simple steps to have the best and completely organic strawberries.

Strawberries in tubes, the cultivation technique

It is called vertical cultivation and is what is recommended by expert nurserymen to have a healthy plant full of flowers. The strawberry plant, as a rule, does not exceed 20 cm in height and is very small. It has a very deep root system, which is why it is perfect for growing in pots and adapting to the vertical garden.

Cultivation takes place using a PVC pipe which allows you not to invade the space and also to have many more seedlings available. It is definitely recommended to anyone who wants to have a small herb garden on their balcony, with a wealth of organic and sweet strawberries.

Strawberries in tube

As mentioned, this type of cultivation takes place using a recycled PVC plastic tube or a special one that can be purchased from nurseries. The important thing is that it has the correct diameter to accommodate the strawberries and for vertical development. You will not need additional support, but a saucer to drain excess water .

Strawberry tube, advice from the experts

To create a vegetable garden with lots of strawberries, experts recommend making cuts in the part of the upper tube with a distance of 10cm between one and the other. The pipe must subsequently be heated and then a small balcony must be created, using a piece of wood.

The cuts must then be finished with sandpaper .

Red strawberries

Strawberries in the tube, cultivation method

Growing strawberries is easy even at home , but it must be clear that you always need a lot of water if grown with this technique. In nature, strawberries grow in the undergrowth, so they prefer areas with protected lighting even if they must receive direct sunlight every now and then.

The strawberry tube must not always be in the sun , but in an intermediate area so as to allow their healthy cultivation and growth.

Experts also recommend covering all the soil with mulch, so that it is always moist while preventing the fruits from coming into contact with humidity . With the tube the space becomes smaller, but there are special soils that are also created with an additional layer of straw.

Add fertilizer every now and then and pay attention to any water stagnation that can create over time.

Growing strawberries

It will be nice to see the strawberries gradually climbing the tube, growing vertically, feeling protected and constantly nourished.