Gardeners use walnut shells on plants in February. Here is the reason for this gesture.

nut makeup

Especially in the winter period and during the Christmas holidays we tend to consume dried fruit , even if this is also found in abundance during other periods of the year.

This is very useful as it contains many fundamental elements that are good for our body including Omega 3 and other components that can only do good for our body.

Walnuts: this is why the shells should be placed on the plants in February

Many times, these fruits are used to create desserts, just think that one of the most famous spreadable creams is made up of hazelnuts and almonds are also widely used for the preparation of desserts.

Furthermore, many of these are also used for recipes that are not entirely sweet but also for savory recipes, such as walnuts which are often used in risottos or rustic pizzas.

It is usually said that walnuts, also because of their similarity, are good for the brain by developing its memory and helping to get it moving, but not everyone knows that walnuts also have positive functions on plants .

Walnuts: This is why the shells are used on plants

In particular, however, not exactly their interior but their shells, which we tend to throw away once opened, can prove to be real jewels for our plants.

Gardeners, especially in the month of February, when the air becomes colder and when spring is about to arrive and therefore the atmosphere could warm up towards the end of the month, place a layer of walnut shells on our plants.

This is because placing them on the ground reduces water irrigation and the humidity tends to evaporate at a slower rate being retained by the shells which among other things will also help protect the soil from limescale.

Furthermore, the shell has a repellent effect on mosquitoes and having a jar of walnut shells can be useful, especially in summer, to prevent them from entering our homes and preventing them from attacking our plants.

The gardeners’ discovery

There are many types of nuts on the market and each of them is useful for our plants. Among other things, there is also a way to make the shells useful as fertilizer for our plants.

If they are chopped or incinerated, they can be placed at the bottom of the soil and once the plant has been inserted into the pot they function as seedbeds to nourish the plant and provide it with useful components.

We will see how this will grow with strong  and robust roots  and its leaves will be shiny and lush and all the credit will go to the walnut shells that contributed to its growth.

Walnuts: This is why the shells are used on plants

So, when we consume this dried fruit , let’s think carefully about where to throw the nut shells because they can be very important for our plants and expert gardeners know this well.

These secrets have been brought to light thanks to various blogs and by browsing the web you can find other tips for keeping perfect plants in our homes.