Is it possible to grow an orchid without roots? Thanks to the onion this plant will have many colorful flowers.

Growing an onion

Having a passion for plants and orchids is a real pride. Unfortunately, however, these are living beings that have daily needs and cannot be left without nourishment, water and attention. It happens, often and willingly, that nurserymen find themselves with plants to take care of after the legitimate owner has not been able to manage them at best. An orchid without roots can be recovered with the help of an onion and experts reveal how to do it.

Orchid without roots: how to make it bloom?

Orchids are very special plants that need continuous attention. From the water to the location, this plant does not allow any distraction. When an orchid without roots seems to be unable to move forward, there is a method explained by nurserymen in the sector. In these video tutorials the technique is shown to be able to rediscover the beauty of the plant and allow its flowering.

Obviously, it is always better to contact an expert in order not to commit damage or cause others to the plant. In general, an orchid of this type must be cleaned of the earth and “dry/dead” roots. Once this is done, a liter of water and an onion with a peel cut into very small pieces are poured into a container.

Orchid without roots

The fertilizer obtained will be essential to be able to grow new roots and develop colorful flowers. Put the plant inside this substance, which must cover it only up to the part of the roots and not more. Within two weeks the first strong roots will begin to develop and the orchid can be repotted again.

Onion for orchids: benefits and tips

Very few people know about the properties of onion and its peel for plants. It is an ingredient used in the kitchen, as a basic ingredient or protagonist of many traditional dishes. The peel is usually thrown away in the damp, without knowing that its properties are able to nourish and preserve any type of plant.

Onion remedy for plants

To create a natural and powerful fertilizer for plants, onion infusion is definitely the one to be adopted immediately. How is it prepared? Take a container with a liter of water and soak the skins overnight. If you want to speed up the operation, just boil the skins for only 10 minutes.

Strain the content and natural fertilizer for plants is ready to be used. Obviously, this ingredient can be used directly inside the soil. In fact, cutting it into small pieces sinks into the soil of the plant and lets all its properties and benefits be transferred.

In short, this ingredient is powerful and helps the orchid to regain its beauty with colorful flowers and very strong roots.