Did you know that with this ingredient you will no longer see even a mosquito? Put it in the windows and you will see that result!  Let’s find out which ingredient it is and how to use it!

Ingredient in windows

It takes very little to ward off mosquitoes and with an ingredient it is very easy because it is effective. What ingredient are we talking about? Mainly lemongrass, which makes mosquitoes fly away, but here are also other remedies you can use, let’s find out what they are!


With summer also comes mosquitoes

Summer has arrived and with it also the heat. Obviously, it is a beautiful season, ideal for going to the beach and enjoying the sun, for being outside in the open air and relaxing, hiking and much more. Summer is also perfect for ventilating houses, keeping the windows open to warm them with the sun, but at the same time it also has its drawbacks.

In fact, with the heat and high temperatures, mosquitoes inevitably arrive. These very annoying insects bite and often also leave bad marks on the skin, so it is best to avoid being attacked. But what to do when there are many and it is not easy to keep them away? What to use to make them leave instead of entering the house?

Leaving the windows open is easy to get inside, but using effective remedies you can move them away and stay calm. Let’s see what ingredients to use to get rid of mosquitoes and make sure that they do not enter the house.

Lemongrass excellent against mosquitoes

This plant with an intense green color spreads a pleasant scent everywhere. Positioned near the windows, it allows you to keep mosquitoes away and to make you feel comfortable even if they are open.

On the market there are several discoveries, and you can find lemongrass spray, stick and lemongrass candles to light in the evening to ward off mosquitoes and at the same time to create atmosphere.

If you want to grow the lemongrass plant, you should know that it grows well in moist soils and must be watered regularly, avoiding water stagnation. Remember to fertilize the plant to make it grow well and to make it last a long time.

Lemongrass candles

Spirals drive mosquitoes away

Spirals are also effective in warding off mosquitoes and just turn them on to enjoy their benefits. Each spiral acts immediately after ignition and also lasts a long time. It is enough to keep some of them on to get the desired results.

The action of the spirals is usually rapid, they are ready for use and should be lit at the end with a lighter. When it ends, the flame goes out leaving a small ember that emits a trickle of smoke delicate and not annoying to health, but it certainly keeps mosquitoes away from your home. The spirals can be used outdoors within a few meters and put mosquitoes to flight, but also tiger mosquitoes and other annoying insects whose bites can often be very dangerous.

The effective anti-mosquito Deet

There are also anti-mosquito products containing a substance called Deet. It is a substance known because it is an effective repellent and is widely used to ward off mosquitoes. Used as an active ingredient in various mosquito repellent products, it is used in various concentrations.

Its repellent action is also effective on other insects such as ticks, fleas and gadflies and its effect on the skin lasts up to 8 hours. However, it is advisable to apply it two or three times to show its effectiveness if you are outdoors a lot. The Deet works without any doubt and already a few hours after application the mosquitoes do not even approach because they smell the repellent.

However, as mentioned before, it is preferable to apply it again after three hours, to prevent the most resistant mosquitoes from biting. In this way it is possible to stay outside and even with the windows open in the house without the fear of being victims of mosquito bites!