There is a way to bring your orchid back to life even if it has rotten and yellowed leaves. Here’s what needs to be done.

remedy for orchid

Plants have always been a source of ornament and especially in the centuries of the Renaissance there was no royal palace that did not have decorations of our ever green friends in their gardens.

For this reason, we too, in our humble homes, tend to have plants and flowers at home to cheer up the environment and also to have a natural scent as well as for decoration purposes.

Orchid: here’s how to bring it back to life

Furthermore, thanks to the action of photosynthesis, these plants tend to emit carbon dioxide and therefore there is an equal exchange with oxygen and the air in the room where these plants are placed will be healthier.

Furthermore, some of them, especially the greasy ones, are excellent allies for humidity as they tend to absorb it and therefore prevent condensation from forming and consequently mold on the walls.

Among other things, it is important to keep plants and flowers in the house because of the help we can give to insects. In fact, many of these are pollinators and therefore help the flowering of other plants.

Orchid: how to bring it back to life

Among these there are also those useful for human nutrition and therefore the work of insects also serves to maintain the ecosystem and ensure that the planet is filled with flowers and plants.

For this reason, many municipalities are taking action to repopulate flowerbeds so that our little friends can find a way to suck nectar and carry out their natural work.

Among the most common plants in our homes is the orchid which has always been seen as a symbol of elegance and can be found in various species but not everyone manages to keep it alive.

The foolproof method

In fact, there are many who do not have a green thumb and it happens that this plant can have yellow and rotten leaves and therefore we are forced to throw it away as it is irrecoverable.

But in reality, things can improve thanks to a method that uses a very particular ingredient. To do this, simply remove all the yellow and rotten leaves from the plant and then cut the stem with scissors.

Once this is done, we will have a soil with a hint of a stem, and just above this must be sprinkled with cinnamon powder and covered with a plastic cup cut at the end.

Orchid: how to bring it back to life

By watering it periodically, we can see how cinnamon has a healing and fungicidal effect and will revive our plant which will begin to grow healthy.

With this method, we can recover our orchid and its flowers will grow large and lush and then it is good to take care of it with other methods that can be found around the web.

Thanks to cinnamon and following this method, we will have recovered our plant and we will not have to say goodbye to our green friend but we will have brought it back to life thanks to a very special ingredient.